He’s Got Your Back: How a Protection Specialist Keeps Clients Safe

I posted this yesterday but for some reason my WordPress blog did not push it out.  I want to feature this Wall Street Journal article featuring one of my very few best friends, colleague, business partner and brother Mark Fair. As I have written many times before Mark is the person that gave me my first break in the industry and the PUSH that put me into starting the blog and social media. So you can blame him….LOL
Wall Street Journal Article on Mark “Minister” Fair


  1. Andrew Surace

    Great article! Very thorough…I think the reporters were impressed…blessed to have Mark and Eric help in my learning about the industry!

  2. Mark Fair

    You and I go way back and have chewed a lot of the same dirt so much that we shared the same MRE “spork” doing it. Thank you for pushing this view of our craft and finding it fitting with your messaging and the great things you are doing for the practice and business of Close-In / Personnel Protection. With yours and others nudging, (mostly yours, haha), I hope to find an interest out there in my experiences and viewpoint that can be viewed as helpful to ones professional development and the overall positive progression of our industry. Thanks again Pineapple.

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