Just 20 seconds…….on the “X”

FATBARPHOTOLet me start this blog by saying that I do NOT know if the “security” element during this incident at Fatburgers in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather and Clifford Joeseph Harris Jr aka TI is a trained executive protection team nor do I know if they are the regularly used group of BG’s that are normally with the boxing champion.

What I do know is that there has been some alleged grief between the two over Harris’ wife.   What we also know is that Harris has served two terms in county jail, twice for probation violations and a federal prison bid for a U.S. federal weapons chargeAccording to news sources the two (2) exchanged words earlier that evening in a casino [See video at the 7 second point] regarding Harris’ wife where Mayweather yells, “You need to control your B*TCH!”  Later that evening Mayweather is dining at Fatburgers in Las Vegas with BG’s nearby.  Somewhere in the video Harris arrives and a brawl erupts.  That’s what I glean from news sources as well as the video.

This is what I see and further reiterates a couple things I have blogged about in the past:

  1. Many clients DO NOT invest and care not to invest in properly trained executive protection specialists that use all of the principles of protection.
  2. There are guards, BG’s etc that do not know how and cannot establish a dialogue to establish a provider/client relationship that will allow them to gain the trust of the protectee in order to implement protective principles.  The end result is – FAILURE 10 out of 10 times followed by short term engagements because no standard has been set.
  3. When you do NOT regularly implement, utilize and practice the fundamental principles of protection you will fail on the X.
  4. A solid background in EP training and client relationship trumps items #1, #2 and #3,

Although I am using a video that shows a snippet of the first incident at the Casino with jump-cut into the Fatburger incident, there is a video of the entire restaurant incident that shows Mayweather on the “X” for twenty [20] seconds followed by , what looks like members of his entourage, as well as a uniformed security guard  trying to assist the BG’s in protection.

The incident ends with the emphasis on how much credence Mayweather puts in having or needing professional protection.  He gets in his open top car and drives off leaving the BG’s or guards behind right onto the same streets that Harris has vacated the restaurants on.


  1. Michael Brown

    All valid points. Great blog.

  2. James

    All this is good X’s and O’s out of the play book but it really is just a different reality working with a Mayweather and TI type, it’s just different. The fact that after the “mini show” he (Floyd) put on and just left his security says it all. I know both guys working for both entertainers and it’s a headache. Imagine being the guard and you are actually trying to remove your client from the situation and you are really “in his way” of letting him do what he wants to do, whether it’s good or bad.. He’s gonna chew your ass out for embarassing him for not letting the fight/ show go on.. Those guys are PITA’s PAIN IN THE ASS to work with… Both gm security who was there are regulars. TI just got into it a a brawl a week prior in hollywood. Either you finals your told or go, no protocol needed with these guys

    1. Eric Konohia

      I agree that working with them is different. Part of the reason is that NO ONE has sat down with him and broken down the pros and cons of what he has been receiving and what he is receiving. His protection is a product of what he (Mayweather) perceives protection should look like and NOT based on any Pure executive protection principle. So yes, I agree that it is different but that is from this type of client’s perception of what the delivered service should look like and not necessarily from a trained client perspective.

      Several years back I turned down an entertainment personality because he didn’t want to buy what I offered but wanted to purchase what he perceived he wanted.

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