New Beginnings


Back in November 2013 I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the college commencement ceremonies for the YTI Institute in Pennsylvania. The theme of that commencement was “Moving Forward”.  I was asked to speak again as the keynote speaker for the May 29, 2014 commencement ceremonies at YTI on the theme “New Beginnings.”  In both speeches I drew from personal and business experiences to impart some lessons on succeeding from whatever station in life you are in.  I also spoke on early business experiences that forced me to draw on personal core beilefs that still stand firm with me today.

I want to thank Ivan Quinones and Dr. Erin Carlin Ph.D for asking me to speak to these two [2] groups of young adults as they move forward in their new beginnings in life.  Below is an excerpt from this most recent speech.

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