Once you sit in the Front Right Seat…..”You don’t wanna go back!”

BookA couple of days ago I posted Uriah Riley’s review of the Front Right Seat Symposium.  I received many encouraging comments regarding this Mastermind gathering so today I want to share Steven Turner’s YouTube review of his takeaway from the week in Washington, DC.  Steven does an excellent “first hand’ experience breakdown.

Let me make a couple things clear to dispel further inaccurate chatter.



  1. THIS WAS NOT AN executive protection course.  Invitees are expected to already have attended an EP course and have a baseline knowledge of the Executive Protection principles and HAVE worked in an Executive Protection Capacity.
  2. THIS WAS and IS an invite ONLY group under the 4P Blueprint criteria and guidelines and will remain that way. Please do not send emails asking for consideration.
  3. This IS a PASS/FAIL process.  The days of paying your money and walking out with a certificate, regardless of your performance and lack of showing measurable suitable proficiency ENDS here.
  4. The pace of the course is FAST because of the amount of information disseminated and the expected ability to arrange and manage the principles on the fly.
  5. EVERYONE signs an NDA on Day-1 before the first word of instruction
  6. Please refer to #2 AGAIN



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