S.C.A.B’s moon walking at a dead Principal’s expense


Moon Walking on the Grave

Just when there is a glimpse of the industry moving in the right decision and much of the buffoonery that brought us down seemed to subside, we got another taste of “Loose Lips” to make tips [money].  Not too long after The “King of Pop” passed away the two [2] BG’s Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard went on a media blitz to start their own promo tour to tell their story.  My apologies….TO SELL THEIR STORY.  See videos of them on GMA trying to be sympathetic about Michael Jackson’s image that has been portrayed.;


Just the other day it was announced that the two [2] displaced BG’s have released their new book,  “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days,”  This link has been volleyed around several forums and security related groups but no one has yet to come out from the closed group to denounce this behavior.

I implore ALL clients, principals and decision makers to protect themselves with non-disclosure agreements to avoid and protect yourself from this kind of behavior.  Even in his death an NDA could protect his name and estate and any further branding issues long after his passing.  To the passive reader who is interested in the story, do NOT fall for the line that they are trying to protect Mr. Jackson’s image.  That’s the HOOK to hell.  I have read a couple excerpts from the book in the above article and it did NOT help Jackson’s image one iota.

Grave robbers at its best.



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  1. Mark

    Shameful and violates every code we honored to protect. I hope they got paid a lot for their kiss and sell book because no one will ever hire them in the protective services industry again. With such a high profile client you would think they would have had the ability to gain gameful employment and generate revenue other ways. There is no statue of limitation on honor. So now let them begin their walk of shame.

    1. Sherri


      Why haven’t other professionals come out to denounce this mess? The profession has to present a counter image to offset this foolishness.

      It is clear that, they are preying upon the emotions of the fans, who are willing to accept any information about Michael Jackson without using common sense or critical thinking.

  2. Sherri

    Greetings Sir,

    Why do you think it is, that the industry does not condemn these jokers? Still, it begs the question: would any celebrity worth their salt or high profile V.I.P hire or trust these men after these “revelations?” I certainly would not. It is also unfortunate that Mr. Jackson’s fans will run out and buy this book.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately this is the norm in many cases on the entertainment side of the CRAFT. The client/provider initial set-up [Contracts etc] rarely has any protective measures to protect themselves from this type of unethical behavior. Secondly, this is a manifestation of a character flaw whereby they attempt to cover up their trip to the bank under the auspices of “protecting Mr. Jackson’s image.” Dirt or scoop is THE appetizer in today’s “Reality Driven” society. If there is a need……The SCABS will provide.

      There is a saying, “If adequately tempted any man will fall”

      1. Eric Konohia

        The Lunacy explained here

  3. Sherri


    I have worked in both niche and high end retail for over 30 years. I have served royals, industrialists, and assorted celebrities. I would NEVER reveal sensitive, personal information about them. Further, we also have to abide by certain standard as set by our company.

    I also work with law enforcement currently on the job and retired. It is always a pleasure to see them every, because of their professionalism. I have learned a lot about the profession.

    Yes, I saw that site, and all I can do is shake my head.

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