The Real bodyguard is buried on The Security Brief.

On October 20, 2014 I boarded the Amtrak train from Maryland to Penn Station New York City, New York to spend the day with my brother, mentor and friend Paul Viollis, PhD.  This was a trip that was well over-due but since Paul’s newest success with his radio show The Security Brief we had previously spoken about me being a guest when he decided to speak about the industry.  Since the show’s launch Paul has reached eighteen [18] countries with his broadcast and his numbers of listeners increase weekly.  His weekly topics hit the core of what “Keeps people up at night”.  A staunch advocate of making sure clients are given all the correct information in order to make the right educated decisions, he hammers the quote, “When cheap is expensive” to reinforce that fact.

After I took a cab from Penn Station to Paul’s Wall Street office you can see Paul’s influence as soon as you enter the building.  The guard at the front desk asked for a picture ID and confirmed that my name was on the guest list.  I took the elevator up 20+ floors and as soon as the doors open the big RCS sign hits you right in the face.  I was allowed entrance into the office space by one of Paul’s office warriors.  I called her a warrior because you have to have a warriors mindset to work in this office with Paul’s hard charger work ethic and atmosphere.  As I turned the corner towards his office I finally see the gate-keeper Lydia Vera who has been with Paul for years.  You DON’T get to Paul without going through Lydia.  Those of us who are in his inner circle still have to kiss the ring on Lydia’s finger from time to time just as a reminder of who she is and who she works for.  I GET THAT!!!!

I look in the office and to my surprise is the one and only Frank Morey.  I featured Frank twice on the BPI blog “Questions asked by Frank Morey” and “The Morey Journey”  The last time I saw Frank was almost a year prior when he took the train from New York to Union Station, DC.  As in the previous year, Frank traveled across the pond from England to spend another week with Paul.  If you read Frank’s story I introduced him to Paul 2+ years ago and he has skyrocketed from working for a local security company in England to owning his own extremely successful company in England and overseeing all of Paul’s business in the United Kingdom.  Seeing him and spending the day with both of them was sure to be a GREAT day.

Frank and I sat and chatted in Paul’s spacious office that overlooked the East River as I tried to keep it together when he told me how well he was doing since our last meeting.  Throughout the time I was catching up with Frank I watched Paul and Lydia handle clients and other matters with ease.  Over and over you would hear Lydia say, “Paul XYZ is on the phone!”  “Can you meet with ABC next week”.  I am extremely proud of my client book but when you hear the names of THE DECISION MAKERS of the decision makers calling in it’s a humbling experience and reminder that there is still another level to reach.  Paul fields calls and then discusses the outcome with Lydia while at the same time putting together today’s show and an upcoming shows.  It’s a performance all by itself and I am taking notes as if I am in a crash course that will never be offered again.

Paul’s partner comes in the office and he and I discuss the good ole days when he was with the FBI and I was with the Maryland State Police and we competed in powerlifting the Law Enforcement Olympics back in the 80’s.  While we are talking, Paul walks from behind his desk and lies on the carpet in front of his desk under the New York Yankee wall and starts stretching out his lower back.  Almost as if she knows the King is off the throne, Lydia instinctively walks in when he hits the floor and checks on him.  I am not making any of this up.  When she is assured he is okay she goes right back into RCS warrior mode and asks him a business question.  Question answered, she does an about face and walks out the office after taking one last look back at him.

Throughout the morning Paul repeats, “We have a car picking us up at 1530 to head to the CBS studios.  We ate lunch and headed out to the car that took us to the Westwood One CBS studios.  As soon as we enter the famous CBS studio’s building the security staff behind the desk greet Paul like the Mayor had walked in…I am not surprised.  We walked through the CBS maze and met Paul’s producer of The Security Brief [Eric].  Eric sat me down and had me go through a series of sound checks, while Paul got behind the desk and went through his own preparation.  What came next was probably the best open conversation I have had about the industry, “The Real Bodyguard” which will air October 30, 2014.  I asked Paul permission to video tape the show so that I could produce a sneak peak video.

At the conclusion of the show I was satisfied with such a great day with Paul and Frank,but I was about to get another surprise.  After we hailed a cab and took a ten [10] minute ride we arrived at the Exclusive “Club Macanudo” where Paul is a member.  As we enter the club we are met with, “Good evening Paul” followed by big hugs and kisses from the staff.  Paul goes to his locker and pulls out 3 of his best cigars.  We are then seated smack dab in the middle of the club, have the best meal and cigars as we are passed by the likes of New York Senator Peter King, former New York Mayor Rudy Guliani and former NYPD Detective turned Private Detective and movie star Bo Dietl.

It was a day for the books, lessons for a lifetime and friendships that are essential to the soul.paul me frank


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