The Standard Decline of an Institution

0042(29).jpgSome time ago I wrote a paper titled, “The Standard decline of an Institution” that addressed the degradation of this industry.  In it I posed a theory that all GREAT institutions start with a STANDARD.  And that standard is upheld from the last hired to the leaders of that institution.  That standard starts with the hiring requirements and continues upward to the operating standard.  When those standards are adhered to and upheld the institution excels.

Institutions by nature of their business compete against other “Like” institutions and eventually the available “qualified applicant cadre” begins to diminish under this competitive enrollment cycle.  Eventually the available pool is left with applicants who NO LONGER meet the original HIGH STANDARDS.  At the same time attrition begins and in order for that institution to survive, positions have to be filled.  What happens next is what starts the DECLINE.  In order to fill those positions the institution has to reverse the original process and now LOWER their standard in order to meet the available applicant cadre where they [applicants] are – The beginning of the decline.  This process continues over time due to the competitive nature of these institutions whereby eventually the employees who came in under the new “Lowered” standards are now supervisors and bosses, supervising other “lower standard” employees.  This is The Standard Decline of an Institution.

This is a shortened version of the white paper I wrote not knowing that the recent issues of the United States Secret solidified my theory.  Just recently the Department of Homeland Security released a damning review of the USSS situation that  found that

pict6“The Secret Service’s alarm systems and radios failed to function properly, and that many of the responding officers did not see the intruder as he climbed over the fence, delaying their response.Omar Gonzalez, the man charged in the incident, could have been stopped by a Secret Service officer who was stationed on the North Lawn with an attack dog, the review said. But the officer did not realize that an intruder had made it over the fence because he was sitting in his van talking on his personal cellphone.The officer did not have his radio earpiece in, and had left the second radio he was supposed to have in his locker. It was only after he saw another officer running toward Mr. Gonzalez that he was alerted to the security breach. At that point, the officer gave the dog the command to attack, but the dog had not had a chance to “lock onto” the intruder “and may not have seen” him at all, according to the review. Mr. Gonzalez continued into the White House.”

This is an example of The Standard Decline of an Institution – POINT BLANK. This review has not been made public yet but to see the NY Times article on this report click here ——-> USSS

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    Great read and illustration! Thank you.

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