Will the REAL Front Right Seat……Please stand up

FRSSome time ago I started using the term “Front Right Seat” as an allegory to define the responsibilities assigned on an Executive Protection detail.  As always I clearly defined what my intentions were in coining the phrase as the Leadership positions on a detail, which can be further defined as the “Command and Control” positions.  Not too long after the term took on several new definitions and meanings far from its initial intent.

About six [6] or so months ago I decided that I would hand select a group of people and invite them to Washington, DC to attend a Mastermind or “Think Tank” of sorts to conduct them correctly in their path in the CRAFT.  In doing so, I was hoping that their New Perspective would have a viral effect on those they encountered and worked with after the conclusion of the week.

I sent out 10 private emails with the intention of only taking seven [7] in the group.  I wanted this group to be about THEM and not about a FUND factory or get rich quick scheme……so the price point was extremely reasonable to off-set any costs attached to the gathering.

One of the attendees Uriah Riley did a blog for his Newly launched Executive Protection Company – PROTOCOL PROTECTION SERVICES regarding his experience during the week.  I have attached his BLOG for your review.  This is an INVITE ONLY GROUP.  I have vetting process that I use to select those that I will invite.  This is a PASS/FAIL symposium.  Something that the industry is not accustomed to.

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