“It’s the COFFEE, not the CUP” that matters

Executive Protection training schools are like coffee choices

coffeeComparing current executive protection schools is like comparing your choices of coffee and what you prefer to drink.  For this comparison let’s use the popular brands Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and 7-11.  All are choices you have when you want/need coffee and in my case it is all the time. In MOST cases the first thing you consider is availability before you even consider COST.  You even consider availability over taste, which is the key to SATISFACTION of the palate.  Unbeknownst to you THE NAME recognition and implied prestige is lingering in your factoring of choices.  “Where’s the closest Starbucks” runs through your head…..walking around with that white cup and green “Siren” logo in your hand gives a sense of “BEING” and “Prestige” regardless of the bitterness, tartness or after taste.  Having that RECYCLABLE white cup with the seductive long haired green SIREN on the side says you have just invested more money for your coffee, regardless of what is in it and the end result.  The BRAND has successfully done exactly what it intended and that is to produce an EXPERIENCE with the NAME and the LOGO…..what the hell, it’s the sense of accomplishment with the CUPtifercate in your hand as the proof for the certificate of completion or attendance.

For those who prefer the non-biodegradable polystyrene [Styrofoam] version of the coffee experience, you tend to have a more selective palate and would rather get more for your money.  The end result is not driven by Brand recognition but more of the total experience and satisfaction.  The vendor [Dunkin Donuts] will adjust your experience to your satisfaction BEFORE you drop a dime on the counter or in the Paypal account of the training school.  In the end the taste is much smoother and less bitter yet the cup cannot be recycled and is BAD for the environment.  See where I am going here.

The other popular experience is from the brand that originally exalted their convenience that they were open from 0700 to 2300. The irony of this brand name is that the majority of them are actually 7-Twenty Four [open seven days a week- 24 hours a day].  It is hard not to find one of these stores if you want coffee and are not caught up on taste OR looking for a wide variety of choices.  Too often you’ll find that from the early hours of 0500 hours to at least 0900 hours the coffee is fresh.  After that 0900 to 1000 time-frame they seem to slow down on making fresh coffee and your experience is OLD, out-dated and leaves that burnt bitter taste in your mouth. This brand survives on its original name and convenience.

Regardless of the allegorical content; the message here is that when you choose a school be careful that you are focusing on the content [the coffee] and not the cup [name brand]


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