Fed Up with xEdeF – “When you absolutely want your package un-delivered”

In our industry broken_arrow_logo2we often find that using delivery services is far more convenient than checking tons of boxes, bags and even our favorite – The Pelican Case.  These delivery services compete against each other promising to get you “stuff” where it needs to be when it needs to be there.  Here is my second occurrence with the company with the hidden arrow in its logo.  More like a broken arrow.

I get a call from my client on Thursday July 2, 2015 that gear [critical to my next trip] was being mailed that day [Tennessee] and to be delivered guaranteed overnight to my residence [Maryland] by Friday July 3, 2015. On yesterday morning I am about to leave my home for a quick errand and I notice a small FedEx van [not the normal delivery van we are used to seeing deliver in my neighborhood] slowly pulling down my street as if the driver is looking for the correct address.

The driver stops at the end of my street and sits in the van for about 90 seconds and then exits to my neighbors residence across from me at 6400 G…. . He drops 2 small boxes at 6400, knocks on their door and walks back to his van. My gut feeling causes me to ask the man, “Do you have anything on your van for 6403?” He quickly dismisses me with a, “NO”

I return from my errand and see my neighbor walking across the street and across my yard with the 2 boxes that were delivered earlier. I look at the boxes and in clearly printed letters is MY NAME and MY ADDRESS 6403 G….

I call my client because I know for a fact that all of the mission critical gear has not arrived. They are closed in observance of Independence Day so I am unable to gather the remaining tracking numbers. I go to FedEx Customer service page get their 1-800# and ask the rep if she could track packages “to-be” delivered to my name and home address. After a couple “Please holds” she informs me that the 2 remaining boxes are at the FedEx center 2130 Baldwin Ave Crofton, Maryland and that she would send them an internal message to have the center contact me and the boxes delivered. At 2:47 pm I received a call from 410-451-5313 whereby a female told me that she informed her manager of the issue and that HE insured it would be on the night delivery truck and delivered to me last night Friday July 3, 2015.

I stayed home all night and there was no delivery. I woke up this morning and there are no boxes outside my home. This is the second time I have had CRITICAL deliveries mismanaged or mishandled by xEdeF. My experience now is that if you are in a mission critical situation and you need a package delivered overnite, if any one company can screw that up – FedEx WINS.

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