Is the Campaign trail too much………

Man stressed outA couple of weeks ago Republican candidate Donald Trump was giving a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa when he and Univision anchor and reporter, Jose Ramos went back and forth on the topic of immigration.  Trump gave the signal for his long-time bodyguard to escort Mr. Ramos out of the press conference.

Just this past week there was another scuffle in which the same bodyguard takes a sign away from a protester. Then attempts to retrieve his sign back by advancing on the Trump bodyguard from behind. The BG turns and open hand slaps the protester in the face. He [protester] is then partially subdued by what appears to be another member of the Trump detail.

This blog is not intended to assess the actions [right or wrong] by either side BUT to pose the question: “Is the campaign trail TOO MUCH for private or proprietary teams?”  Especially for a candidate that CAN be viewed as controversial.  There are questions being entertained within the inner beltway of Washington, DC if it is time for the United States Secret Service to step in for Mr Trump.

Not all of the Presidential candidates have any form of hired protection, yet a few of the candidates like Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie and a couple others are afforded some level of official protection.  In fact, we have seen candidates like Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley targeted during their campaign.  For even the BEST private sector security companies there are limited resources and how much local law enforcement will commit, even if they are willing to commit at all in today’s social climate for police.

So the question still remains, “Is the campaign trail TOO MUCH for private or proprietary teams?”

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