RED BEHAVIOR? ……What you are missing – LITERALLY MISSING

There are far too many examples and ways to recognize what we term as “Red Behavior” or pre-incident behaviors that can help in identifying assailants before they intend to do harm against your principal.  There are just as many fancy names that go along with this process like the “OODA Loop [observe, orient, decide, act]” which is probably the most known of them all.  But what about those people that are so disconnected with what they intend to do that they don’t exhibit what you deem as “Red Behavior”?  I want to share a video by John Byrnes who I have followed and read his work that brings to light dismissed factors that are never taught in an executive protection course.  John calls his system Critical Aggression Prevention System. Take a look at this video and – LITERALLY – see what you are missing.


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