The answer to the 2nd “P”

handsI get so many emails, phone calls and messages asking me in some form or fashion, “What is the best course or class to take to prepare me for executive protection?” There are, but a few courses, that I will recommend depending on what niche market [Platform] you are entering, but the one course that is not given but probably the most important is the course titled: “Do I?”

Do I,

  • Really know what executive protection is AND what it is NOT
  • Know what willingness to sacrifice truly encompasses
  • Have SERIOUS commitment
  • Understand and have discretion
  • Have the capacity of forethought and logically process a real-time algorithm in the midst of chaos [Proactive Mindset]
  • Know that taking an EP course doesn’t guarantee immediate work
  • Exhibit trust to be left alone with provider’s client and do what I am tasked to do

The reality is this the MAJORITY of those that attended an EP school last year have not worked AT ALL in an executive protection capacity. For the most part if you have the money the schools will gladly put you in a seat and shake your hand as you leave whether you successfully passed the course or just attended.

I am not surprised when I speak to other providers who are looking for recommendations for positions that the same issues have disqualified so many.  Whether you want to believe it or not your “Process” or lack thereof can ruin your chances before you get started. What schools you attend can absolutely infect you and the career you want.  When I stated this at the 1st ICON Summit in Atlanta and reiterated it again in Orlando the attendees heard me but it didn’t land on fertile ground.  Last year it came to pass.  Full-time and part-time positions came available and names were submitted and passed over just because of PROCESS – alone.

That’s the discouraging news.  But here is THE FIX. The ATAB Global certification is moments away from the launch of the CEPS [Certified executive protection specialist] and CMEPS [Certified Masters executive protection specialist].  These certifications are set to clean the slate [if you will] and function as a  “Separator”.  Cleaning the slate functions in two [2] ways.  It makes your “PROCESS” clean and at the same time it will clean the industry. How, you ask?  Several months back I used my network to contact the very top insurance providers and explained to them what I was assisting in and they bought in on the process and are ready to pull the trigger.

Each of these certifications is aligned with the well respected ATAB Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS) and the Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist (CMAS) and in the very troubling world we live in now with ISIS and ISIL it only makes sense that this Global Certification is a “Separator”.


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