You are 20/20 but still no VISION……

Vision 2As we come to the close of this 2015 year I have personally observed the success of a select few specialists in the industry.  On the other hand I have watched others still trying to figure out their way.  I am going to close the 2015 blog submission on some advice that is NOT executive protection operational instructions, not secrets to advances, nor how to get and build client relationships.  The one piece of advice I want to give everyone, regardless of whether you think you have made it and those that are still looking for their way – VISION  a : the act or power of imagination b (1) :  mode of seeing or conceiving (2) :  unusual discernment or foresight (a person of vision)

Ironically that word also applies to your operational responsibilities.  You have to SEE the threat in order to get your principal out of harm’s way and/or eliminate the threat.  The VISION I am specifically referring to today is that which relates to you GOAL.  I think it suffices to say that everyone wants to work at some level in this industry, be considered the go-to specialist, or considered an expert.  I am not going to list them all but somewhere within the three (3) that I listed is where your goal is.  VISION and GOAL go hand in hand but the difference is that VISION involves or should involve a level of SIGHT through imagination or conceiving.  In order to get to your GOAL you have to see the steps and process to get there.  The problem with everyone that never makes it to their GOAL is due to NO VISION.

You cannot escape or get out of your current status because you have a goal but lack VISION or SIGHT.  You will never reach your intended location without seeing the way or having a process.  Process is EVERYTHING!!!!  We are NOT handing out opportunities in this industry and those that seem to get all the opportunities are those who a leader has recognized had VISION to get that chance.  Many of them looked at their current status and realized that they had to hit Restart and implement the 4P Blueprint, or hit Restart and re-organize the process.  Don’t take my word for it, ask them yourselves because it’s clear who the rising stars are right now.

There are three (3) components to vision that must be adhered to in this industry

  1. Direction:  You must know what it is you want to do in this industry.  Having an obtainable GOAL through VISION is not throwing crap at the wall and see what sticks.  Pick your Platform and work the 4P
  2. Organization:  Process, Process, Process!!!  I don’t care how many years you served as Police Chief in Whatchucallit, Oklahoma you still need to have a process in order to be successful in this industry.  The good ole boy system is just about lights out when it comes to automatic blessings and kissing of the rings.
  3. Cash:  You are going to need money to make your vision work and your GOAL obtainable.  Also when it comes to cash, aspirants in this industry need to spend their money consistent with their VISION and GOAL.  I’ve grown tired of reading emails from individuals asking what is the best gun to buy for the industry.  Then there are the others that spend money on 1 to 2 day introductory courses.  For the life of me I don’t get it.  What is that like, a “Test lap around Talladega?”  Stop wasting your money on that and invest it in a good vetted course that will move you in the direction of your VISION.

Now for the Leadership…..you didn’t think that I’d leave you out did you?  Some of US are in our VISION but have not reached our GOAL because we are surrounding ourselves with those that are only around us to suck the life out of what we are supposed to be doing and where our VISION has us going.  Tomorrow starts the process for us to start cutting the tentacles, popping smoke and moving forward.


  1. Jeffery Scott

    This is inspiring, thank you Mr. Konohia.

  2. Denver Moore - San Francisco Private Investigator

    Very insightful and thought-provoking. Thanks for posting.

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