You ONLY get what’s available

mentorHappy New Year to all.  As most of you know, I am very active in social media for branding purposes as well as to increase the standard of the industry.  At the close of each year I pay very close attention to the “Resolutions” of the service providers and specialists in the industry.  For the most part there is one [1] that tops the list each year: Get more training.

That is the PROCESS in the 4P Blueprint and the more applicable the PROCESS each time around the more you build separators.  My fear is that too many are just resume building and not spending enough time on the PROFESSIONALIZE [#3] and PERFORM [#4] categories and here is why.  As a service provider when I look at adding someone on my call-sign list, regardless of how great their resume is I am only getting what is available in practical application from that specialist.  Attending the best schools is great but realistically unless the specialist is actively PERFORMing I will only get what he/she can apply from the training AND what he/she has actually performed.

It is said that in combat you do not rise to the occasion but sink to the level of your training.  It is also said that no plan survives first contact.  If I were to apply this specifically to the state of the industry where most attend training but are not able to consistently use or drill what they learned they tend to sink to the level of what they can remember and even worse, their interpretation of what they remember.

A TRUE and legitimate mentor can keep you mentally engaged and keep your brain tapping into that area where knowledge and intellect consistently reside.  You don’t have to be as smart as you need to be SHARP in this industry.  Any smart person can memorize what is told.  It is the SHARP ones that can apply it when needed.

My suggestion is that you look for a TRUE MENTOR.  Now before I get an onslaught of requests, I am totally at my capacity with being able to commit to anyone at this time, but I will help you find one and make honest suggestions on who you may not want to use.  The STANDARD is exactly what it is…….and it is COMING

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