Pay attention to Retention

hands apartAs we have crossed over into the New Year and move towards another year of success.  Most business owners in the industry continue to tread forward taking for granted one vital aspect of ensuring continued success with their client(s) – RETENTION.

Over the last six (6) months far too many specialists and business owners have lost clients, many of which were the only clients they had, which in turn equates to their sole source of revenue.  How and why this happens is not a earth shattering secret.  It boils down to two [2] factors, each of which can be broken down in sub-categories.  I won’t spend any time listing the sun categories however if you look at the two (2) factors you can see how they break down even further:

  1. Taking the Client Relationship for Granted: Their evaluation of themselves is higher than the their value of the Client.  Being the best at what you do, matters NOT, when you have no one to do it for.  This uneven perspective leaves the business owner and/or specialist in a FAIL/FAIL relationship with their client.  The only evaluation that matters is how your client evaluates YOU and that rating comes from a sound relationship built upon Value and Worth.  Solid relationships cannot be pierced by the CATFISH network of bottom feeders who prey on clients with the lure of lowering the rate.  Clients who value you and the services you provide rarely if ever entertain a lower rate.
  2. Moral Sense and Ethics vs. Non-Compete: You can have the best non-compete contract in the world but if you are not willing to go for the jugular when it is violated then it is a wash.  I am seeing now that when most people present a NDA and a Non-compete that it is only used to hopefully wake up the morality and any glimpse of ethics residing in the person you want to use.  Unfortunately far too many have a money code that drowns out any moral and ethic code and sound reasoning that ever existed.   Reason is defined as – the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic. If money is the REASON for anyone you hire then everything else goes out the window and you as the business owner, sub-contractor or prime of the contract are in trouble UNLESS your relationship with the client is so SOLID that he/she will come to you and say, “Hey so and so is crossing the line.”  Someone has stirred the lakes, reservoirs and ponds because the Catfish are coming out of the channel again.

Personally I don’t think there is a life-span on a client relationship as long as you exist in VALUE with them.  Sure clients change vendors all the time however from a corporate level many of the CEO’s do not like re-adjusting to a new unfamiliar body in their personal space.  If you don’t believe it, even the President Elect is trying to break tradition and keep his own private security team to work alongside the USSS once he gets into office [LINK] .  Whether it happens or not is NOT the point.  The point is that the RELATIONSHIP is so strong and VALUED that he is willing to try to keep it that way.

For whatever it is worth to you, when I say that, “The Client is the backbone of the industry” it’s plain and simple.

Without one you are paralyzed





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