Are you ready to send

The other day I posted that when you are requested to submit your bio/resume to a prospective service provider or to a client, you should NEVER refer them to your Linkedin page.  Some of you may laugh and others may say to yourselves, “Who does that?”  Well the fact is, there are many out there that feel by doing this they have fulfilled the request AND that by posting their bio on and social media, personal or company website that it should suffice.  WRONG.

First: Sending me to your Linkedin page is the same as if a potential client were to email me and state that they were referred to me by one of my current clients.  In the email the potential client asks me to explain the different services we provide and I reply, “Go to” and everything you need is there.  I would never do that.  I look at social media, and websites as store fronts to draw a customer in.  Once I get them in the store, I want to personalize their experience.

Second: Many service providers, like myself, keep a separate folder/file for those specialists and providers we want to establish a relationship with.  I have an “Active” folder with indivual folders of specialists and companies that I currently use on a regular basis.  I also have another “working” folder of specialists and companies that I am vetting and processing, that I may or may not move to the “active” folder.

In EVERY individual folder within the “Active” folder I have the person or company’s: Bio/resume, service snapshots, scanned licenses, insurance certificate, and photo of specialists.  If you have every sent me any of the above you can deduce where you are in the process by seeing which of the above I have not requested from you.  I don’t ask for all of them at the same time for a reason.  Each request means that you have moved another step in my process.  Exceptions to this process are if you are referred to me by a trusted asset OR if I come to you personally.  In those cases you move to the front of the line.  Warning:  If you claim it on your resume, I am going to ask to see proof and yes I do have scanned copies of some specialist’s DD-214.  There will be no Stolen Valor personalities with my battle flags on.  I don’t want to be mentioned on Don Shipley’s video as a former employer of some wannabe.

So here is ultimately what this blog is about – BE READY!  Keep a copy of your resume, bio, scanned licenses et al on your computer, DocsToGo, Dropbox or some othe commparable cloud so that you can easily access them from ANYWHERE and send them quickly.  The days of, “I’ll send it as soon as I get to my computer.” are becoming “unsat”.