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Pay attention to Retention

As we have crossed over into the New Year and move towards another year of success.  Most business owners in the industry continue to tread forward taking for granted one vital aspect of ensuring continued success with their client(s) – RETENTION. Over the last six (6) months far too many specialists and business owners have lost …

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When the Flag goes up Part – II

As a continuation of last week’s blog of student reviews from the BPI Seven – Day Executive Protection Course in Atlanta, Georgia I want to highlight some of the other students that wanted their perspective to be seen by my subscribers on this blog.  Each of them just like last week’s students came to the …

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The industry dictates when the BPI training flag goes up

For the record, The BPI Group has never been and will never be an EP training academy.  We are a FULL-TIME fully functional operational executive protection company that services its clients EVERYDAY.  It was the condition of the industry and how the standards had degraded that caused me to have serious conversations with those I …

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When what’s behind your name really matters.

Over the last 4+ years I have been on a personal journey to get this industry back to where it was when I entered it in the 90’s.  Sometimes at a cost of being personally attacked on why I did not want to leave it alone.  Why should I contradict the lost professionalism, depleted morality …

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35 Minutes with Tanto could save your life!

  I rarely if ever just post a video with little to no context to it.  But I wanted to post this video of Kris “Tanto” Paronto, from “13 Hours: The Benghazi Story” as he gives an in-depth personal perspective of what he personally went through during that event. I am posting this because, as I …

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You are 20/20 but still no VISION……

As we come to the close of this 2015 year I have personally observed the success of a select few specialists in the industry.  On the other hand I have watched others still trying to figure out their way.  I am going to close the 2015 blog submission on some advice that is NOT executive protection …

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“It’s the COFFEE, not the CUP” that matters

Executive Protection training schools are like coffee choices Comparing current executive protection schools is like comparing your choices of coffee and what you prefer to drink.  For this comparison let’s use the popular brands Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and 7-11.  All are choices you have when you want/need coffee and in my case it is all the …

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Tis’ the Reason to be vigilant…Fa la la la la, la la la la

In light of the what happened in Paris on November 13, 2015, coupled with the every changing and evolving nature of the world we currently live in, the nature of what we do puts us in direct responsibility of protecting our clients, our family and our homes.  ISIS fundamentally espouses to the core premise of …

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Is the Campaign trail too much………

A couple of weeks ago Republican candidate Donald Trump was giving a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa when he and Univision anchor and reporter, Jose Ramos went back and forth on the topic of immigration.  Trump gave the signal for his long-time bodyguard to escort Mr. Ramos out of the press conference. Just this past …

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A specialist’s introspection prior to working on THE SHIFT

Over the past couple of years I have allowed specialists to give their first-hand experience with working with and for me particularly when they get the opportunity to experience a “First” in their careers.  I met Jimmy Menzoian in January 2013 during the First annual ICON Summit.  Since that time we had been communicating regarding …

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