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  2. New Beginnings — June 2, 2014
  3. Just 20 seconds…….on the “X” — May 28, 2014
  4. Once you sit in the Front Right Seat…..”You don’t wanna go back!” — May 22, 2014
  5. Will the REAL Front Right Seat……Please stand up — May 20, 2014

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S.C.A.B’s moon walking at a dead Principal’s expense


Moon Walking on the Grave Just when there is a glimpse of the industry moving in the right decision and much of the buffoonery that brought us down seemed to subside, we got another taste of “Loose Lips” to make tips [money].  Not too long after The “King of Pop” passed away the two [2] …

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New Beginnings

Back in November 2013 I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the college commencement ceremonies for the YTI Institute in Pennsylvania. The theme of that commencement was “Moving Forward”.  I was asked to speak again as the keynote speaker for the May 29, 2014 commencement ceremonies at YTI on the theme “New Beginnings.”  In both …

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Just 20 seconds…….on the “X”


Let me start this blog by saying that I do NOT know if the “security” element during this incident at Fatburgers in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather and Clifford Joeseph Harris Jr aka TI is a trained executive protection team nor do I know if they are the regularly used group of BG’s that are normally …

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Once you sit in the Front Right Seat…..”You don’t wanna go back!”


A couple of days ago I posted Uriah Riley’s review of the Front Right Seat Symposium.  I received many encouraging comments regarding this Mastermind gathering so today I want to share Steven Turner’s YouTube review of his takeaway from the week in Washington, DC.  Steven does an excellent “first hand’ experience breakdown. Let me make …

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Will the REAL Front Right Seat……Please stand up


Some time ago I started using the term “Front Right Seat” as an allegory to define the responsibilities assigned on an Executive Protection detail.  As always I clearly defined what my intentions were in coining the phrase as the Leadership positions on a detail, which can be further defined as the “Command and Control” positions. …

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“The most comprehensive EP course I’ve taken……”


The most comprehensive EP course I’ve taken, where the instructors combine science with years of application and real time global experience. While relatively running underneath the radar, these United States Secret Service trained individuals represent graduate level training for those desiring to enter the industry on a solid foundation. James Wright, former chief of police …

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He’s Got Your Back: How a Protection Specialist Keeps Clients Safe

I posted this yesterday but for some reason my WordPress blog did not push it out.  I want to feature this Wall Street Journal article featuring one of my very few best friends, colleague, business partner and brother Mark Fair. As I have written many times before Mark is the person that gave me my …

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The transition drill issues…. from SF to PSD to EP B2B, a firsthand account

2011 10 01

It has been far too long since my last blog…FAR TOO LONG.  The good thing is that I have been busy with the company as well as the 2014 Annual Summit in Orlando, Florida.  The other good thing is that I have topics stacked up on deck to continue contributing worthwhile information to the UPLIFT …

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Countdown to the 2014 Summit – “Shift in MINDSET”

Summit flag

Well it is that time again!  That time that many have been waiting for and that time that others have waited to happen AGAIN.  It’s that time to meet new people and put a face behind a profile pic and the same time to see old friends and colleagues.  More importantly for me, it is …

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Answering all of your questions about the CMEPS


I have had many people contact me about the Certified Master Executive Protection Specialist Course (CMEPS).  In June of 2013 the Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) reached out to several individuals that ATAB considered to be the leaders in the Executive Protection industry.  ATAB searched out individuals that had years of proven Executive Protection experience …

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