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Your personal industry Challenge

We should always be striving to improve in whatever station in life we are in.  Even if you feel you are successful or have reached that certain place that you have worked to get to there is no time or reason to get comfortable.  That’s LIFE and this industry should be no different.  i was …

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False perceptions of ourselves

An interesting post on the NABA Facebook page raised many eyebrows a couple days ago.  The member posted that there should be a commercial to prove to clients that they could not function without our services.  In short, he was stating that clients are that dependant upon us that they could not function.  The comments …

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Combat Mindset to defend the Stars and Stripes

As a continued effort to keep my readers and everyone in the industry abroad informed and educated, BPI Security is constantly reaching out beyond the surface to contact and interview America’s finest Tier-1 operators and others that have “DONE” it at the Highest Levels. In the past I have interviewed, “The father of modern day …

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The Bluetooth option to Comms

I have had close relationship with a radio and comms expert “Frank” since 1994.  At that time Frank worked for another company when I met him to obtain a 2 wire surveillance kit for myself that I attached to the radios of another groups.  Frank helped me personalize my gear according to my own specs to …

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I have not taken a break from the blogs. I have been extremely busy with client responsibilities and have been on travel doing interviews, assessments and making other arrangements to include preparing for the summit in Atlanta. The blog will contribute back on schedule this weekend. Thank you for your patience.

New Client regime=Meeting request

CEO’s and Presidents of organizations change frequently.  This change may not directly affect who the protectee or principal is however it can change who the service providers will be.  New change in leadership often comes with a clean slate so that there are no leftover ties with the former regime.  When that is the case …

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What do you want to get from US

I have been asked if I would be available to sit down privately with several attendees of the January 20, 2013 ICON Summit.  The agenda for that day is filled to the brim however I will try to meet with everyone.  One word of caution here, this is NOT my event as I have been …

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The Protective Intelligence book

When you do a thorough Threat/Risk vulnerability assessment of your principal or an event, the protective intelligence SHOULD be passed along to the members of the team.  If you can procure pictures of people of interest you should include this in the brief.  A better option on top of the brief is to distribute a protective …

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Judgement Day

On this past Monday my son called me and asked if I would meet him at lunch time to run some hills with him.  I couldn’t turn him down. In fact I had been going back and forth with putting more road work into my daily training routine.  Let me just put this out there, I …

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Be ready to Send NOW

The other day I requested a resume from a specialist whereby he/she referred me to their Linkedin page.  I was disappointed in the fact that we have allowed social media to make us lazy and de-personalize ourselves from personal interaction.  Has social media been the microwave equivalent to a good ole home cooked meal?  Yes! …

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