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3 things to WORK on for the new year [Specialists]

Yesterday I posted 3 things that EP companies should “Change” for the upcoming New Year.  Today I want to make 3 things that Specialists should “work on” for the new year. Social Media:  The general public uses social media for various reason: connecting with old friend, advertising events, sharing news, sharing their political and religious …

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3 things to change before the New Year

Over the past year or so I have noticed a couple things from talking to company owners that seem to be consistent.  Today I want to give 3 recommendations that you shoudl consider changing as you go into the new year. Pricing Model: One of the biggest discrepancies in the industry is the wide variances …

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The fallacies of EP Training

We talk and talk and talk about Mindset and its importance in our CRAFT.  We also talk about the importance of solid training from a solid, proven cadre of individuals who have smelled EP, tasted EP and more importantly DONE EP.  Reading 20 executive protection books and the ability to talk about executive protection does …

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I read it and you need to as well

Let there be no mistake that I do read a select number of blogs from other Experts in the industry.  One of these blogs that I subscribe to [an so should YOU] is Security Driver.  This morning I received three blogs from them and wanted to share one in particular.  I have not been shy …

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Communicate right or forever hold your peace

There is no shame in my game when it comes to pushing the power of the female specialists in this industry. I am very vocal in the power of women in this industry. Hidden in the posts and comments on the social media pages are some real GEMS in this industry and if you can …

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Juggling the EP balls

There are times in this business when you feel like you are juggling balls, rings and fire batons in a 3 ring circus. It’s been that way since Friday. I’ve been working on a finalizing last minute measures for one long term client, doing interviews, mentoring and still trying to have some level of social …

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So you want SUCCESS? How bad?

I wanted to share this video from Team X-T.R.E.M.E.that is narrated by Rap Preacher Eric Thomas. His inspiring words resonate the true meaning of how to gain success. Watch carefully and see how far some of these participants go to beat the desire to QUIT and exemplify SUCCESS under any condition. You define what SUCCESS …

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When information is not power

I want to go over 2 things that occur in this industry that I have experienced repeatedly so I can imagine that it has happened to others as well.  First, let’s understand what a non-disclosure means.  Depending on the scope, some NDA’s have a life span to them where others do not.  In the latter example …

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The messy AO

In lite if the General Patreus scandal I wanted to address an issue that, if you’ve been in this business long enough, you know goes on.  There is no doubt that there is s level of attraction when a protection team is working.  Seeing a group of professionals operating on a protective detail garners interest.  …

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“Thou shalt not COVET” did not take in consideration – CATFISH

If you have not read Chad Duke’s post this morning on the NABA Facebook page you missed one of the CRAFT’s rising stars open up about one of the cancers of this industry – The Catfish network.  Chad’s post showed a sign of him that, even as his mentor, is rarely seen.  I have no …

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