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Just knowing the business… is NOT enough

The business side of this industry is in many ways no different than any other business.  There are contracts, agreements, client and other strategic relationships to further the individual company success.  Alliances within the industry are paralleled to the same process as in many other industries.  For example General Motors puts out a car yet …

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The Liaison Detail Leader

The full capacity of a detail leader goes well beyond riding in that front right seat.  Yes, once you have elevated to that premiere position you are at that tip of the spear under most definitions of the protective detail.  BUT, you job as a detail leader is in many cases the liaison to the …

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Pre-detail meeting and Mindset

When you have complex details that involve multiple specialists, multiple movements and phase lines it takes a lot of coordination by everyone.  As a detail leader it is very important to gather the entire team and go over last minute details.  If there are any changes, this is the time to make adjustments with the …

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The Protection Disciple


A few month’s after the blog gained traction in the industry I received an email from a gentleman that asked if we could talk on the phone.  I asked him to send me his resume and we set a time to talk the very next day while I was en route to a meeting.  I received his …

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When “The price is not Right”

I think mots of us here in CONUS know of the old TV show hosted by Bob Barker called the Price is Right.  The show had many opportunities for contestants to bid on items.  The closest person to each item price won.  At the end of the game the 2 contestants that won the total …

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Are you prepared to Whip the shift?

How many specialists do you know that are just comfortable with existing as a gumby, or grunt and never want to expose themselves to the positions within the shift that call for more responsibility, which in the case of BPI means a higher hourly and daily rate?  In many cases that may be why your phone …

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Applicable Logic Missions

A few days ago I was surfing YouTube and looking through the new videos released by my subscriptions. As I went through them I ran across a related video by former Navy SEAL David Rutherford. His channel is called Frog Logic. I am a huge fan of the Navy Spec War community and have established …

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A wise investment

The millions of dollars in the general fund for many states is maintained by various methods.  Fines from tickets and costs associated with many fees keep the general fund up and running.  We can alleviate the speeding fines by driving within the speed limits.  One method of them getting funds we have no way of …

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Order your steps or fall on your face

The detail on Friday had been in the planning phase for awhile before I put the actual operational responsibilities in place.  When I assigned the protective advance responsibility to Rhino he knew how the night would unfold and I cut him loose to do his thing.  I sent out the OpOrder to everyone using assigned …

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You know you have a dedicated Team when….

About a month ago I was approached to help faciliate an event with a great possibility of it turning into a new client relationship.  The catch was that it was ALL volunteer.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity and put out the email to my list-serv.  The responses were immediate from guys that are used …

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