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David Guyer, U2 are a BPI Security S.C.A.B.

I would like to introduce all of you to the newest BPI Security SCAB- former U2 band bodyguard-David Guyer. Mr. Guyer apparently has a new book coming out where he is said to describe “His” exploits while on the road with the band. His apparent debut of his self proclaimed “Bad ass” exploits will appear …

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Leadership versus management

I was led to a Facebook post by Tony Scotti in which he re-posted a question of the day by Protective Security Council  “Which of these skills do you consider more important: management or leadership?”  The answered varied and I gave my 2 cents.  In the end everyone was basing their response from personal experiences.  The term …

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Executive Protection problem solver

The best specialists that I have ever associated with have an intelligence factor about them that is remarkable.  That’s not to say that most of the ones that I know are not, but the best have an embedded intelligence within their core that is unbelievable.  Executive Protection in many ways is like someone handing you …

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No incoming calls

Often times when traveling abroad with a principal we will check him/her in well before their arrival.  In many cases depending on the profile of the client we will check them in under a fictitious name to further secure them.  In the past I would put a block of rooms in my name but I …

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If you’re not looking for it

The best security plans in the world still does not relinquish the responsibility of the security team to remain alert and vigilant throughout the event.  I blogged last year about how easy it is to get lured into self promoting and self defeating daydreaming.  Our minds have a way of taking away from the moment at …

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Called to task

Yesterday I posted on twitter, “A client can change my position but not my standards”.  I can not take credit for this phrase as it is a common phrase that Mark has used over years in his TheMTMS executive protection course.  Well as I tweeted that again as I have done in the past I got …

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Admin throws a curve at the blog

One of the most under rated, and never spoken about component of this business is the paperwork that is done well after the radios are turned off and the pig tails are tucked in your jackets.  Thursday night I got hit with a request that had me researching files 3 years old and tallying numbers …

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No comms, NO panic, No signals-PANIC

Every company doing this business does not have a cache of radios and if you do like we do, you’ll find that as soon as you are convinved to but the latest and greatest, they are out of date as soon as you get the receipt.  The other thing your radio rep doesn’t tell you …

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The Australian PM Hot-wash

By this point we have all seen the video footage of the Australian Prime Minister getting mobbed by protesters while she was celebrating Australia Day in a restaurant.  In the video you can clearly see that one of the agents decides that they should leave.  What we don’t know is at what point did he …

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Plan B has to be a strong Plan A

So I wrote a full security plan for the event covering everything from A to Z that was supposed to be dispersed to all participants of this event. As the expected participants arrive, I am noticing that our planned arrival point is only being used by a select few. As one participant arrives with their security …

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