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Protecting the Mentor

This company owner reached out to me this morning and asked if I was available to talk. Shortly thereafter he called. We spoke regarding my blog yesterday. I did not get his permission to use his name and company name in this blog, so I will leave it anonymous until he says that it is …

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Shell game

I am going to stick to the same message tone from yesterday and remove the vale of secrecy within this industry.  This business is sadly divided between the “haves” and the “have nots”.  The haves are playing the shell game with the disenfranchised who are looking to break through in the craft.  They spin the …

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Raising the bar

Several months back Tommy Smith called me to mentor him in this business. As I’ve said before this was the first time someone had come out and asked me that even though I may have been an unwitting mentor to specialists in the past. We spoke daily and I tasked him to do several things …

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Train big think small

Most EP courses have a minimum amount of seats they need to fill in order to cover their over head for instructors, venue, equipment etc. The other thing that binds that minimum number is that they tend to teach in an EP team dynamic. What I mean is schools depend on having enough people to …

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When Reality is unrealistic

I am a huge proponent of the social media vehicle of launching your business brand, your name and your services.  I have also advised that if you are going to use the big 4, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube it is vital to stay relevant and connect with others in order to present yourself as …

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Bait and catch

The industry is full of specialists that are eager to build their training platforms.  On the other hand there are many training facilities that are wording their programs to lure you in with catchy phrases and verbiage in the course description.  Take for instance the martial arts platform, there is NO such thing as executive …

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The investigation, the coverage, the lesson

Yesterday in the nation’s capitol, basically in my backyard, Sidi Mohamed Amine El Khalifi was arrested at the culmination of an FBI investigation where his intent was to fulfil his personal jihad against us.  Khalifi was another example of our flawed system of visitors that come here and meld into society without any recourse.  There …

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Don’t get too caught up

Over the years as I have seen and witnessed specialists working formations, especially the diamond, it is apparent that they are way too concerned if their position is perfect.  In doing this they are arbitrarily always looking for the principal to adjust their position on the formation.  Get over it!  There are so many factors …

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The second clock

Your protectee’s itinerary for the day is full of movements from location to location and meeting after meeting. He/she may or may not have an assistant to keep them on schedule. To make this blog more interesting let’s assume he/she does have an assistant. The average junior to low level specialist overlooks a vital aspect …

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Child’s play in EP

We have all heard of the old playground game “Leap frog” where one child is bent over at the waist and the next child leaps over him/her and catapults himself a short distance in front of the first child that was bent over.  The premise was to move as a team of kids to advance …

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