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Just because I want to help…

The other day after we completed the first of the Open Door series, I had an epiphany about why specialists are not getting any work after they complete their schools.  The truth of the matter there are common factors that inhibit as well as prohibit specialists from getting regular or any work at all.  Sitting …

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Cliques in the Craft

You can deny it or be naive if you want to but there are cliques in this industry and in many cases cliques within cliques.  The worst part of this industry is that there are certain groups or exclusive groups that almost resemble a cult.  Their loyalty to the exclusive group is so deep that …

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No authority here

In yesterday’s BPI Open Door conversation with Minister he brought up an interesting topic that I have failed to blog about in the past and that is given versus perceived authority that we have. When you complete you Executive Protection course and you are on a detail, whether armed or not, many specialists feel they …

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An open door to BPI and The MTMS

Today I did an open conversation with Mark Fair call-sign “Minister” where we just had a conversation about a hot button topic in the industry.  This is an opportunity for everyone to see and hear from him and understand that I am not the only one that feels the industry is in a quagmire.  Specialists …

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Question I was asked by Frank Morey

Yesterday I was sifting through the multitudes of emails I was down to the emails from Specialists.  I normally deal with this last so that all other pressing issues are handled first.  I received an email from a specialist Frank Morey of Banham Close Protection in the United Kingdom.  Frank and I had communicated on …

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Specialist Highlight-Call-Sign OutKast

Dwayne Johnson

Every now and again I want to feature one of my BPI Security Specialists to feature.  Today’s highlight is call-sign “Outkast”.  I met Outkast back in 1996 through our Fraternity affiliation.  It wasn’t until a year later that he called me and told me that he was in the business and wanted to talk to …

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Let’s compare

We refer to specialists that are not full-time employees for a security company as well as those specialists that want to get in the industry on their own as a “Lone wolf”.  They aren’t necessarily attached to a pack of specialists yet they are trying to make it on their own.  What I have found …

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Keep it consistent

Some years back, well after BPI was extablished and doing well, we were consistently subcontracting under Vance.  Vance clients knew that most of the work done by Vance was subcontracted to Vance’s service providers.  The trust and respect that goes along with allowing another company or specialist represent you front and center with your client …

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What makes YOU and different

As I sift through multiple resumes and bios there is almost a cookie cutter mold that everyone comes from.  In this industry that we are a part of it is not the same as if you are applying for a job as an executive vice president or CEO position with a major hotel chain.  Do …

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It’s a easy yet hard decision

Over the last year I have recieved countless resumes and bios from specialists over the world asking to be added to the BPI provider list.  Over the last month I have lost count of how many men and women that have sent me resumes as well.  Literally, I spend Friday mornings evaluating all resumes that …

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