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Think ahead

For those of us that live on the east coast old man winter has come upon us as scheduled.  With the change in season comes change and/or addtional attire.  Winter coats are a mainstay in most specialists closets.  The variety that specialists use range from North Face to Cashmere full length coats.  Wearing a coat can hinder your mobility …

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Client free-be

Here is a free suggestion to all of the business owners and those of you specialists that have a relationship with a client. CONTACT them this week with something of value. Don’t call and say, ” I am just checking on you.” Contact them with something of value. It’s your job. An empty call is …

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Craft the client

Yesterday I had a mission critical need in the south and I called my go to sub-contractor to assist as I normally do.  He told me that he would work on staffing the detail for me.  Before you jump to conclusions and ask why I didn’t send one of my own, I will explain.  When …

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Simplifying the problem

If you take any algebraic equation and solve the problem without using the algebraic order of operation you will come up with the wrong answer.  3 people can do the same equation and come up with different answers.  The order of operation is the key.  The same thing applies to fractions, before you can add …

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Industry structural strain

When I was in college I was a criminal justice/criminology major with a minor in sociology. My studies were heavy in behavioral social sciences. To that end I had to study and write about countless theories and sociologists particularly about the theories as to why individuals choose to envoke themselves in criminal behavior. One theory …

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Process DOES matter.

I don’t think enough talk has been made about the importance of process.  For the sake of this blog I will talk about 2 types of process: Process you went through to get to where you are (EP and other Training) Decision making process Not enough emphasis and attention is made when a specialist is navigating …

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What’s more important?

The dynamic nature of what can be perceived in this industry produces an insatiable urge for specialists to register and attend courses that do all the cool stuff that hit the CDI (Chics dig it) meter.  Let me say this, I do encourage people to attend driving schools, advanced weapons training etc, but at the …

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Just because I want to help…

The other day after we completed the first of the Open Door series, I had an epiphany about why specialists are not getting any work after they complete their schools.  The truth of the matter there are common factors that inhibit as well as prohibit specialists from getting regular or any work at all.  Sitting …

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Cliques in the Craft

You can deny it or be naive if you want to but there are cliques in this industry and in many cases cliques within cliques.  The worst part of this industry is that there are certain groups or exclusive groups that almost resemble a cult.  Their loyalty to the exclusive group is so deep that …

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No authority here

In yesterday’s BPI Open Door conversation with Minister he brought up an interesting topic that I have failed to blog about in the past and that is given versus perceived authority that we have. When you complete you Executive Protection course and you are on a detail, whether armed or not, many specialists feel they …

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