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Keep it consistent

Some years back, well after BPI was extablished and doing well, we were consistently subcontracting under Vance.  Vance clients knew that most of the work done by Vance was subcontracted to Vance’s service providers.  The trust and respect that goes along with allowing another company or specialist represent you front and center with your client …

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What makes YOU and different

As I sift through multiple resumes and bios there is almost a cookie cutter mold that everyone comes from.  In this industry that we are a part of it is not the same as if you are applying for a job as an executive vice president or CEO position with a major hotel chain.  Do …

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It’s a easy yet hard decision

Over the last year I have recieved countless resumes and bios from specialists over the world asking to be added to the BPI provider list.  Over the last month I have lost count of how many men and women that have sent me resumes as well.  Literally, I spend Friday mornings evaluating all resumes that …

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Even the best have to always be ready.

A few months ago French President Sarkozy was pulled inside a ropeline while his security appeared to me caught off guard.  This video went viral all over the world and the experts went on a feeding frenzy. On November 30, 2011 President Obama was in Scarnton, PA where he was joyously greeted by supporters.  As …

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The EP Go Bag

The term itself is almost self explanatory.  Many specialists have one and each of their Go Bags differ from on specialists to another.  The whole premise of a go bag can differ from person to person depending on what they feel is important to grab and GO at a moments notice.  From and EP perspective …

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The misconception of a company and a regsitered company

There are countless individuals that have catchy names for themselves and their so-called security companies.  I wanted to address a subject that I put on the BPI Security YouTube channel yesterday.  There is a huge misunderstanding about having a company name.  I receive resumes and bios all the time from people with names like “Executive …

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Handling the wave-off

Let’s face it, there are times when a principal wants some private time, feels you need some time off or just plain needs some time away from you in their personal space.  This normally happens on longterm details when they just flat out get tired of seeing the back of your head in their car …

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Are you going the extra mile

When you do your route planning for your primary and secondary routes are you doing anything else or just familiarizing yourself with the lefts and rights, the lights and stop signs? Are you planning for route security?  Do you know the safe havens along the route?  Along the secondary route?  Have you visited the hospitals …

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Just a suggestion

We all have principals that are into fitness.  Some hit the gym, some run. others swim and then you have what we have, a triathlete.  This principal trains heavily in all three disciplines and competes often.  Many protection teams assign someone with swimming skills to swim along with the protectee, some have avid runners on …

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Tell tale sign in a contract

This is an awareness message for everyone.  I stress the point of being licensed as a specialist all the time, however the responsibility of being licensed as a company has regulatiuons as well as requirements in order to be a properly licensed entity.  The one I want to stress upon today is the insurance requirement. When …

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