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Clarifications of the different Protection Platforms

For the last three days I blogged on the 3 columns of private protection: Doric Column-Bodyguard Security Corinthian Column-Executive Protection Ionic Column-High Threat Protection aka PSD I spoke to Minister last night and he expressed a concern that in my zeal to break the three private sector entities and utilize the column analogy I may …

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3 Columns of Protection-Pt. 3

Over the last 2 days I have bloggd about, what I consider, the other 2 columns of protection, bodyguard security and High Threat.High Risk protection aka PSD.  Today I will speak briefly about the center column-Executive Protection.  I have separated them this way part in parcel due to the training, the platforms and the extreme levels …

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3 Columns of Protection- Pt. 2

Yesterday I posted on, what I consider the left column of the 3 columns of protection-Bodyguard security.  Today I will blog on the right column of the three, the High Risk side also known in the industry as PSD.  This platform became a household name after the Fallujah incident.  Prior to the middle east DSS …

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3 columns of Protection-Pt. 1

There are 3 columns to protection: Executive Protection (Close in personnel protection) High Risk Protection ( aka PSD ) Bodyguard security I coined them “Columns” because there is a clear and fundamental difference between the three. The patforms are different as well as there is specific training to 2 of the 3 and no specific …

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Specialist on steroids

We have all encountered the guy that regardless of whether or not a detail is armed they bring their weapon. They bring an ASP and all kinds of offensive weapons. They feel naked without their extreme level force continuum gear. An unarmed detail is just that – unarmed. There are many factors other than threat …

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Limo down!

I presented a Question of the day on Twitter yesterday. The question was if you are on a movement with a protectee who, for the sake of this question, has a low threat. You are riding in the front right seat and you have a driver. There is no follow vehicle nor any support vehicles …

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Athlete Protection

The recent kidnapping of Wilson Ramos has spawned countless articles, interviews and conjecture about security for professional athletes. The incident has created a feeding frenzy of private security companies and experts surfacing at the chum. The protection of an athlete would fall under the notable category that Mark Fair coined some years ago. I do …

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The “non” aspirant

One of the things we do in the first day of the MTMS course is go over the pros and cons of former law enforcement and military persons coming through the course. Mark has a chart that breaks down the baseline training of each institution and compares it to the core training of an EP …

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Do you know the attack sequence?

Planned attacks by experienced individuals follow a sequence that they go through on just about every incidence. Granted there are added portions to the sequence depending on the target evaluation done as well as the security element they will confront, if any at all. There is one specific part of the sequence that occurs in …

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Here I am in Las Vegas teaching a proprietary course and after a very long day of listening to Minister I went back to my room to depressurize, eat and watch some news. I turned on the local news and I was HIT with the Conrad Murray verdict and all of the hoopla associated with …

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