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What are you packing?

I have had several conversations about how to pack for a detail within CONUS. I tweeted yesterday and received several comments about, what I referred to as, Prima Donnas in the industry that pack as if they are going to fashion week. Packing should be left to the essentials needed to do the job. Irrelevant …

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Turning frustration into energy

I have had numerous calls and emails regarding my blog yesterday regarding Kris Herzog and the 2 former bodyguards for Michael Jackson. The blog went viral with 100% in agreement with my summary. At the end of the day I was glad to see that so many people were paying attention to the attention I …

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I can’t resist-where is my soapbox

I apologize for stepping away from the teaching stance and take a station identification break on Professionalism and Integrity.  The other day I was watching the news when a correspondent made a comment about Herman Cain’s security.  As I watched the TV, I was clear that the guys on his detail had not worked together …

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The CP – Command Post

Not for the weak at heart!!!!.  Working in a command post on an active detail can be nerve-wracking for a specialist.  The command post is the brains of a detail.  It manages all of the administrative duties, the comms, coordination with movements, active knowledge of where all the principals are at every moment of the detail, …

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Two Specialists series-Pt. 3 (Protective Driver)

Often times we do not have the luxury of having a follow car, and/or drivers. During contract negotiations it is determined that there will be one car and 2 specialists assigned to a principal. The security package calls for 2 close-specialists and one of the specialists will be driving the primary vehicle with you in …

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Two Specialist Series-Pt. 3 (One voice)

One of the minor issues you may find is that as more specialists are assigned to any detail, the more a client and/or client representative will forget that you are in charge and start relaying changes and such to junior specialists.  There is not a problem with that per se however, the message to the …

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2 Specialist series-Pt. 2

In the specialist series that I have been writing about there is a common trend in the 1 and 2 person blogs-Experience. When you are actively working a principal or a special event it is not recommended to have a new specialist on the detail for on the job training. Minor mistakes in these situations …

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Two Specialist Series-Pt. 1 (The anabasis)

As I journeyed through the One Specialist series and touched on some parts of the dilemmas that the single specialist has to go through, do not think that it gets easier with two (2). In fact, as a single specialist you are responsible for 2 people, you and the protectee. With another specialist you are …

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The building blocks of Mindset is key

We (BPI Security and MTMS) just completed our first “Open” course after years of committing our training services to corporate proprietary teams. In doing so there were sections that had been removed from the corporate course that did not apply. These sections were reviewed and updated based on today’s trends that we have adjusted to …

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One Specialist Series-Pt. 7

As I have mentioned before this is the most difficult perspective of protection.  It is more than exhausting and rewarding at the same time, if you are truly doing it right and it is extremely. Absent the advances, the route planning, contacting the POC’s, setting up lodging and all the other items on the to-do …

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