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Just a suggestion

We all have principals that are into fitness.  Some hit the gym, some run. others swim and then you have what we have, a triathlete.  This principal trains heavily in all three disciplines and competes often.  Many protection teams assign someone with swimming skills to swim along with the protectee, some have avid runners on …

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Tell tale sign in a contract

This is an awareness message for everyone.  I stress the point of being licensed as a specialist all the time, however the responsibility of being licensed as a company has regulatiuons as well as requirements in order to be a properly licensed entity.  The one I want to stress upon today is the insurance requirement. When …

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Let me set the record straight on schools

There is a misnomer when it comes to training and EP schools. Although the big three are the household names it does NOT preclude the fact that there are very good schools in existence in the US that you can get high quality executive protection. This is not an advertisement per se for but …

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It’s that time again

This time of year is not exempt for service needs of our clients.  It is a trying time for a specialist that has a family.  Working on a holiday is commonplace in this industry and takes some fortitude on the behalf of a specialist to miss those special days with his family and convince them …

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The neophyte experience-Readiness

Last week I got an emergency call from a longtime client that needed crisis management support.  As standard protocol I briefed the client and ascertained all of the information necessary to make an assessment, asked questions where needed in order to make sure we deployed the right personnel to fill the billet. This is a …

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Clarifications of the different Protection Platforms

For the last three days I blogged on the 3 columns of private protection: Doric Column-Bodyguard Security Corinthian Column-Executive Protection Ionic Column-High Threat Protection aka PSD I spoke to Minister last night and he expressed a concern that in my zeal to break the three private sector entities and utilize the column analogy I may …

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3 Columns of Protection-Pt. 3

Over the last 2 days I have bloggd about, what I consider, the other 2 columns of protection, bodyguard security and High Threat.High Risk protection aka PSD.  Today I will speak briefly about the center column-Executive Protection.  I have separated them this way part in parcel due to the training, the platforms and the extreme levels …

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3 Columns of Protection- Pt. 2

Yesterday I posted on, what I consider the left column of the 3 columns of protection-Bodyguard security.  Today I will blog on the right column of the three, the High Risk side also known in the industry as PSD.  This platform became a household name after the Fallujah incident.  Prior to the middle east DSS …

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3 columns of Protection-Pt. 1

There are 3 columns to protection: Executive Protection (Close in personnel protection) High Risk Protection ( aka PSD ) Bodyguard security I coined them “Columns” because there is a clear and fundamental difference between the three. The patforms are different as well as there is specific training to 2 of the 3 and no specific …

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Specialist on steroids

We have all encountered the guy that regardless of whether or not a detail is armed they bring their weapon. They bring an ASP and all kinds of offensive weapons. They feel naked without their extreme level force continuum gear. An unarmed detail is just that – unarmed. There are many factors other than threat …

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