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Name: Eric Konohia
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Spend your money client wise

As I write this blog I’m laughing. When I execute a contract with a client I articulate what expenses are allowed (I.e. Meals, rental car, lodging etc). Before I dispatch specialist on a detail I let them know what they can expense back to me for reimbursement. Normally the detail leader has a BPI Amex …

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Speak up and save a life

There is no such thing as a new idea. If you look hard enough anything phrased as a new idea is nothing more than an old one revamped in some way. Maybe a better way to word it should be new outlook. Many ideas need to be revamped and given a new outlook in order …

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Have you noticed

I can’t put my finger on any one specific event but I am comfortable with saying that it started around the BW Fallujah incident. I am a member of several web groups that advertise job and position postings as well as overseas contractor news. Is it me or has there been a growth in new …

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Sweat through

This is a term I was told that is used by the USSS PPD shift. We’ve all experienced this horrible feeling. You have on a your suit and you’re working in blistering heat. Something like it is today. You start to sweat and it gets so bad that it comes through your suit. As you …

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Saddams AK47

We are outta here.

You are assigned to a client that you know has a history of pushing the envelope on legality and morality. You go to a restaurant, club or some social gathering. He’s ready to leave and clearly he has latched onto someone that appears to be underage. Everyone on the shift has that look on their …

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Seat belts

I was just thinking about this the other day and while I was getting out of my car today I remembered it. I have assisted minister for some time now with teaching the executive protection course at Vance International, Garda world and Andrews International. It never fails that when we get to the inbus outbus …

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Right vs popular.

In general we are constantly pulled from both ends and tested on matters right vs wrong, good vs bad etc. In this business we often toil between doing what is right versus what is popular. Getting caught up in the moment with a client and their extras can make you very likable and popular but …

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Exterior influences on focus

Yesterday I received a call from a client that needed a rapid response to a potential issue. After getting all of the facts of the problem I immediately put in place an assessment and a surveillance on the tango. What you should know is that for the last 2 months I have been dealing with …

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The winds of change

I don’t ever want to come across as a know-it-all nor do I profess that I do. What I do know is what has worked for me and definitely what has NOT worked for. What I try to do in this medium is to convey those things to help, guide and alleviate those receptive specialists …

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