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System overload

Can you load your brain with too much information. In this industry, specifically, executive protection, there is so much information on what to do, how to do it and when to do it that it can actually scramble your EP hard drive. We are wired to seek the least resistant path in accomplishing our endeavors. …

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The minister

That badge alone doesn’t mean anything to me

Brian (Omega investigations) emailed me asking for my past blog on military versus law enforcement in EP. He said he got into a heated discussion with some officers at the range who said thy police officers, specifically these guys, could do EP as good, if not better than anyone else. Brian was a Maryland State …

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Quiet authority

A persons presence can speak volumes of who and what he is without saying a word. Do you have that? When you walk into a store by yourself do you notice people looking at you? Your persona can give off signals about who you are. We’ve all done some people watching before and in doing …

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Fear is a mind killer. It’s that little evil that disintegrates me from the inside out. I must learn how to face it and control it. Therefore there is no such thing as fear. OrFactsEvolving AsReality There are different levels of fear. I personally believe and accept fear as a tool/asset if harnessed in the …

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Are you really training or practicing?

I got into a conversation on the Maryland shooters forum about whether target shooting was really training or is it practice. I believe that one must effectively train in order to use a weapon but standing on a firing line shooting at paper is not necessarily training to me. It’s target practice. My personal opinion …

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How do you live?

We’ve all been here before. On those traveling details or those details where you have to do over nights. Many clients are not inclined to reserve a room per agent and thus making specialists share rooms. When we are alone we have a certain way that we make ourselves at home, even if we are …

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Get ready.

I spoke to my publicist yesterday and she is pushing me to release a series of EBooks. What I will release will be a series of books that can be used as guides for the specialist to draw from in the field, workbooks to use as well as manuals to use as a play book. …

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Today’s extra

The client is the reason for being here It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose oneAlways be courteous and polite during each encounter or service Always do more than expected when you handle a customers problem Never promise more than you can deliver Continually look for ways to improve quality and …

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Pound cake

There are hundreds of ways to bake a pound cake. There are various versions of the same. Cooking temperatures and cooking time will vary depending on the recipe you use. Some additions to the main body of the cake can be added to convert a basic pound cake to a lemon pound cake to a …

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