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Name: Eric Konohia
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Did you pay attention

As I reviewed a better version of the video in Ireland I received emails from former and current guys. A closer look at the chain of events really made me look at this from a different perspective. I spoke to Minister after and we agreed that even though the media screamed “Presidents motorcade” only part …

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Even the best can benefit from a proper advance

Only the trained eye knows this isn’t the presidents limo

Silent professionals – literally

I check the stats on this blog everyday. According to the stats there are alot of people lurking in the background. I dont expect everyone to agree with my views nor do I try to come across in a “know it all” attitude. Just another perspective from trial and error. Clearly there are other views …

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Turning the corner

After a great day yesterday I felt some new embers burning on the inside. I am going to turn the corner on an approach that I have had for years regarding business development. A sleeping silver back gorilla is still dangerous. The BPI brand has gained traction across the social, specialist and operator networks and …

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The benefits of professionalism is fellowship

My first rule of internal business success is: take care of your assets and they will take care of you. On details I make sure my men eat first, and take breaks when needed. On a personal level I make an effort to make sure that they all know that I won’t ask any of …

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The Strauss-Kahn scenario

BPI is very familiar with the deal that Strauss-Kahn received today. He posted bail with home arrest and under the watchful eye of an armed security person. During 2005-2007 BPI was hired by a law firm under court order to provide protection and security for flight risk of a client in MD and VA. Our …

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A good thing ends for some.

The local DC news stations reported this morning that citizens are enraged about reports that the MPD has been conducting Police escorts for the likes of Charlie Sheen, Jay-Z, Bill Gates and others. Apparently when Mr. Sheen was in DC after his separation with his show, he was interviewed and stated that his police escort …

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Admiral Mullen wants everyone to shut up

It was just of matter or time before someone came out and said’ “shut your pie holes”. I will take a leap here and assume that he’s not only talking about the government officials who are talking about the op but also the formers who are talking as experts on how the op transpired from …

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Are you ready?

It’s your turn to do the advance. Are you ready. You’ve done post positions and worked the formation. You’ve done route planning and secondary route planning. But now you have to earn your keep. When arriving curbside I’m looking for you to have the answers, the choreograph between open door (vehicle) to open door (venue) …

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