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Sir do you have your event pass?

On Saturday, a well dressed gentleman appeared at the event we volunteered to work. I recognized him from the first two nights but he didn’t have any event identification showing that he was permitted to enter on the last night. He advised that he had been there for the previous nights but had left his …

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The “IT” factor.

Mark refers it to the “cream” but to the layman it is also known as the “it” factor. That cream or it is the Ability to be able to flow with the circumstances you’re dealt and still have the uncanny ability to get the task and mission accomplished. Often that ability is met by hurdles …

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They do exist. Where have you guys been

So I arrived 2 hours before the event last night and waited for the arrival of the team and the security coordinator. He ( coordinator) and I have crossed paths over the years but have never met. As the team arrived we did the standard introductions. The shift leader last night arrived and we stared …

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Linkedin topic Brain vs Braun

Someone on linkedin asked the question what was more important – brains or appearance. This seems to be a great question and sparked alot responses. The responses varied and gave everyone the opportunity to get on their EP soapbox and sound off. This is my view. Brains vs Braun is like a perfectly wrapped gift …

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Lead by experience or by exemption

In many areas people are lead by persons with no real practical experience in their field. If we look at sports their are countless examples of coaches that have never shot a ball, swung a bat or got in a three point stance. Knowing X’s and O’s is a far cry from leading and teaching …

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What’s your decision

Here’s the scenario: you have a client whose CEO is a very vocal public figure that can, by the nature of his position on the uplift of his people, can spark anger from some hate groups. You do the assessment on the event that you’re going to cover him for during the week. During that …

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The chameleon effect- adaptation to protectees

For many of us transitioning from one protectee to another may seem like a small undergoing. But in fact it is an important factor to consider. This blog was considered after reading the article about the protection specialist that has been assigned to Warren Buffet. Like me, he has a law enforcement background with experience …

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More on low profile

By all Pakistani standards that house UBL was a hermit in was a palace and fortress. Compared to all of the surrounding abodes, his safe-house stood out like a sore thumb. Competitively it would be a slum lords nightmare in the US. His hiding in plain site must have raised eyebrows to even the uninitiated …

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Low profile security

Could UBL have eluded everyone by using a low profile posture with his security? Most photos, film and intel have relayed to us that he normally traveled with a large entourage of bodyguards. Did his security footprint change to throw officials off or did he loose his support? We can view it from either perspective. …

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When is 25 million not enough to snitch?

Apparently when you’re in Pakistan. It seems that 25 million does not translate in the same manner as it does in anywhere, USA. I don’t buy the statement, “the trail went cold”. No matter what your political views are and what beliefs you espouse to we had this joker in our sights before and chose …

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