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Name: Eric Konohia
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Pay close attention

Now that Donald Trump is running or something like that I’m paying attention to his protection team. I encourage all of you to witness what one of the richest people in the world pays for. Only the initiated knows what he’s looking for or better yet, what he’s paying for. My point here is that …

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Internal EP course

BPI in conjunction with The MTMS will be hosting an EP course May 16-20 in the Washington DC area. The purpose of this school is to train up interested specialists that want to be on the BPI roster. This is NOT a DCJS course so you will not be certified to apply for the PPS …

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BPI: 5 in 5 back home

National certification?

This subject has been tossed about for some years now and me and Mark had a good discussion about it yesterday. Should we have a national standard that everyone should complete so that we all have a baseline certification? What would this accomplish? To me it has to have an end purpose and we both …

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Networking 101

Ok so here’s the deal. I’ve subbed guys across the country through a close associate. Many of the names of the specialists that I have used I only recognized names on an invoice. Yesterday I sat at a briefing and introduced myself to 2 guys that have done countless details for me. Today at our …

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Can we really think like them

Have you really thought about it? In as much as we do advances, threat assessments etc we are in essence reversing the thought process of sanity to the insanity. We look for areas of opportunity on advances mostly based on how we were taught to do them, not because we are inherently terrorists or killers. …

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5 ready to go

Tomorrow 5 of us will be traveling to Utah to work a detail on wednesday with several other teams from different areas. I will be able to finally meet some of the business owners and specialists that have worked for me on different details. Once again it’s another networking opportunity and the Boanerges Group 3 …

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Pro Bono for the pro bonehead

Rhino asked me today if I was willing to do some pro bono EP for another company that covers VIP’s for a US Military program. Without hesitation I said yes. Why, you ask? It’s a free opportunity to show BPI’s mindset and skillset to other people in the business. Moreover it’s a networking opportunity for …

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Be a bridge builder

For those you who know me can attest that I always reach back to each and every specialist that has helped me forge my way in this business. It wasn’t easy nor is it still. This industry can be equated to the good ole boy network similar to the wall I met in 1980 with …

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The Midas Touch

In Greek legend Midas was a King who was granted any reward by the God Dionysis for a good deed Midas had done. Midas asked that anything he touched should be turned to gold and was given that power. Only then did Midas realize he would starve to death and asked to be relieved of …

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