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The power of the possible

Thoughts and ideas flow through our head like shooting stars throughout the day. We accept but dismiss many of them for various reasons. Mostly because we can’t conjure the gap between imaginary and reality. To most people a 4″ pocket knife is considered a utility tool and possibly used as a necessity in the wilderness. …

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In the air again

Work calls again in Florida. Another site meeting tomorrow with the builder, architect, landscaper etc. This meeting will be attended by my clients rep. Very nice guy that takes no prisoners. He’s been around the client for years and has that level of respect. He and I have a great relationship, in that, he listens …

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The required certification

In VA the governing agency is DCJS. Each registered company must have a compliance agent. In the past 10 years I’ve used other persons as my compliance agent and paid them to do so. Recently I’ve decided to attend the course and get certified for myself. So that’s where I am today. In Richmond, VA. …

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Peculiar langauage

Our profession has a a distinct language to it that from foreign ears it may sound cool to some, corny to a few and just out right gibberish to most. But there’s a method to the madness and somewhat secret dialogue. The terms like Oscar mike is a military derivative of the phonetic alphabet that …

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The gray area

This topic was brought about during a conversation with Rhino this week and I realized that it is a subject that has crossed our path before. We have a long term detail with a protectee who happens to be married to a member of a royal family. She is covered by official personnel by that …

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The drought.

Unless you are Blackwater now XE, Triple Canopy, DynCorp or the other big boys who have long term contracts, you’ll run into peaks and valleys, ebb and flows and the like. What do you do as a business? Pull down the flag? Roll up the carpet? Put the closed sign up? No, this business goes …

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Who do you turn to when you need guidance or answers? Who helps you make the tough decisions? I constantly refer to Ice and Minister to bounce off ideas. We’ve forged a great bond and respect for the business side and each others entities. Minister with training and Ice with the investigations. Most recently we’ve …

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Marketing the craft

As I blogged before “80% of your clients come from 20% of your client base”. How do you market your executive protection company or yourself as a trusted and experienced specialist? If you look at security management magazine you’ll notice that within the couple hundred pages there are about 3 articles that are worth reading. …

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Self sufficiency

One of the things I did once we were well under way with our services was saw that the complexities with frequent travel was too much with a travel agent. We had one protectee in particular that traveled almost daily and changed her schedule just as many times as they were set. This caused a …

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ATF 5320.20

For those of you with class 3 weapons I was reminded this weekend by rhino on the process of transporting that weapon out of your registered state. Even if you’re going to train. You must go to and download the form and submit it in order to transport that baby out of state. Don’t …

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