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Name: Eric Konohia
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Start of the busy cycle

Late last year I blogged on whether you were ready for the slow season of the industry.  Today I bring you good news and a stark warning.  It is the beginning of the busy cycle for clients to start moving around again. Our records over the last 10+ years show that the month of April …

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The FIRST Executive Protection Mastermind Group

            Most of you are aware of my mentor program that has successfully catapulted specialists into full-time paid positions and even managing the operations of private industry companies to much of the chagrin of others in the industry. There will be two [2] EP Mastermind Groups: Group 1 For the specialist/operator:  This …

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Handling the FBO [Fixed based operator]

Many of us have to manage arrivals of our high profile clients and principals when they arrive at private FBO’s.  This task becomes even more cumbersome when doing so overseas when customs come into play.  You have to interact with companies like Landmark Aviation, Swissport and others.  How you manage that interaction prior to arrival …

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Slight of Hand(lers)

I tried sending this blog yesterday but it did not post correctly. I want to blog of my most recent experience that I thought was a learning module for all. For about two (2) months my client had been planning a private trip overseas. This was a fully paid trip with no complimentary features set …

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The over-rated Protective Advance

Now before you start twisting your face upside down and saying Eric has gone mad, read what I mean by that statement.  When you talk to the “average” executive protection specialist or just about anyone with less than 5 years in the industry they are quick to brag that, “It’s all about the advance.”  It …

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They all laughed at me

“They all laughed at me when at 5’9″ my name was considered to protect HIM.  But their laughter turned to amazement when they found out that later HE became a client and has been a client of mine for the last several years”.  I posted that last night on the BPI Security Facebook Fanpage last night …

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Even I make mistakes

That said, I am going to publicly correct that mistake now. I have been mentoring specialist and potential EP specialists for over a year now with great success. In doing so it has been a sense of accomplishment for me as well as them. But I made a huge mistake against all that I stand …

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A hole in your “Net” won’t “Work”

With the influx of new specialists in the industry and the rise of group members in the countless social media groups there is another term that is being so loosely used that its true meaning is being lost.  The phrase “Your networth is only as good as your network” refers to your value or how …

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Pushing the mentorship into consultancy

Over a year ago when I started talking about the importance of mentorship in this industry, I was met with some rather stern resistance and opposition.  Most, if not all was due to the misunderstanding of those leaders, teachers and experts that felt that I was implying that they should offer their paid services for …

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One is none

This week I will host a google hangout to discuss why “1” is the worst number in business and as a specialist in this industry. There is a saying “2 is 1 and 1 is none”. As a specialist 2 is good but more is even better and ill explain why. In order for you …

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