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The Cost of Friendship=Priceless

The Bible says, “No greater love than a man lay his life down for a Friend”. I believe that wholeheartedly. I think we use the term too loosley and many of whom were are referring to are just buddies or associates. A friend is someone that knows you’re looking for certain items, leaves the comforts …

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The price you pay to play

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been preparing for another trip to TX o train with the boys. The net worth of my network paid off by getting a new plate Carrier and Blackhawk gloves from a very good friend. Since then I’ve decided to juice up my M4 with a few anabolic items …

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I realize that to be successful in this business you have to network. Getting out from behind the desk or away from the detail and smoozing is paramount to getting your name out there. There is a huge networking opportunity coming up in Baltimore. This EP convention will be attended by many well respected people …

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Gear up

Old school discipline

I was having a conversation over dinner last night with a colleague who is retired USSS and we were talking about our past departments. The conversation evolved around old school mentality and the way supervisors led. More specifically the conversation was about how you never heard a word from them unless you screwed up. In …

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Project manager needed

I’m overseeing a huge Project in the south. My client is building and I am making sure the security system they want is aggressive, functional and state of the art. There are several components that we have to deal with outside of our power: the architect, the construction company, the electricians, and last but not …

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What you say matters

I’ve been surfing other forums and blogs and I read the comments and things that people are writing. Understand this. I do not sit on a soap box and profess to be THE expert on this matter. In fact, I’m learning more about my weaknesses everyday. In life as well as professional. This blog is …

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Protection specialist released

Congo releases group accused of gold smugglingKINSHASA, Congo — Congolese authorities say they’ve released a group that was accused of smuggling gold from rebel territories in the nation’s volatile east. Congo’s public prosecutor said Friday they were releasing seven people including four foreigners. Among them: a Nigerian-born Houston oil tycoon and his brother, a Houston …

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Distress signals

Scenario- you’re at a meet an greet with your protectee. In the crowd you see a person that has been vocal about your protectee and the decisions he/she has made with the company or a person that has been recently terminated from the company and his/her release from the company was not cordial. Your protectee …

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The gear mafia got me

I got a new plate carrier/vest from a friend a couple weeks ago. It came void of any pouches. So I went to the Blackhawk page and ordered several items for my new kit so that I could attend another training in TX in June. I paid particular attention to the line that said “in …

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