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Plan B

Last night I had a 2000 departure from Boston to DC. Reagan airport had a ground stoppage due to weather. Planes leaving were grounded as well as planes scheduled to land were averted. My flight pushed back and sat. I called my transportation to communicate that there was a possible delay. That being said I …

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This is a survey trip not an advance Sir

I’m in Boston meeting the event manager ad asst manager of security for a week long detail in July. As we’re moving along the person whom I’m contracted under is asking me if I’m taking pictures of the space as we walk. I told him no. I explained that I’m only taking certain pics for …

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Is it a resume or a (p)resume?

I forgot to blog about this awhile ago but remembered today when one of my trusted specialist forwarded me his friends resume who just got back working for the Steele foundation. Personally,I don’t like resumes anymore and here’s the reason why. Resumes are bullet points on areas of experience whereas a bio details your experience …

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What you working with?

Let’s say the detail is an unarmed detail. What do you always carry on you irrespective of whether you have a handgun?Personally I always have a flashlite and most recently I carry a multi tool. I also carry an Emerson commander knife at all times. I’m curious to see what you all take with you.

Take that bling thing off

We use color coded lapel pins at BPI. We switch colors daily and give the color of the day the night before. All BPI specialists earn the right to wear the pins. I don’t give a pin to just anyone. Those pins mean that you’ve proved yourself to represent BPI and it’s standards in front …

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There’s a difference between being hungry, needing to nourish yourself and craving. Being hungry is your bodies overwhelming desire to ingest food. The necessity to nourish yourself is the need to put essential nutrients in your system in order to operate (function) effectively. To crave is to fiend for something that your body has been …

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Mixed bags of nuts

Here’s the deal. Your company calls you to lead a detail in another jurisdiction. He tells you that you will be working with some specialist in that area that he has hired to save the client money on flights and lodging. He tells you that the guys you will be working with come highly recommended …

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Don’t be the star witness

I thought about this after I blogged yesterday.  In the majority of our details we are dealing with one-off situations.  Meaning, you are the only specialist providing the protection, and in many cases the driving too.  In fact, my company actively does this everyday and the Specialist that is doing the job deals with this …

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It’s me!

I spoke to one of my full time specialists yesterday and he was heated that he had taken our client to a federal building in Washington, DC yesterday and was stopped by the security guards at the mag tunnels. When they arrived, they were escorted by the point of contact and were given access into …

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Are you dirty?

I had a conversation awhile back with a specialist that carried an ASP on his person when he worked. He said that he was trained and certified with the instrument. That doesn’t mean that you can carry it lawfully. It’s the same analogy as if you go to a shooting school and successfully pass the …

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