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Name: Eric Konohia
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Vetting goes both ways

About 2 months ago I was working a detail with one of my guys and he told me that a mutual colleague was very busy with a new client whom he had been doing alot of overseas traveling with. He went on to say that the client was very generous by tipping our friend before …

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Staying in the NOW

Reading de Beckers book brings up a topic that I’ve already broached and that is focusing on the NOW and not allowing our minds to think too much. Thinking is actually a deficit in protection. Thinking is the linking of thoughts and in most cases thoughts unrelated to the mission. A thought is a snapshot …

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BPI is currently looking for professional assets in Chicago, Louisville, KY, Atlanta, GA, Please go to opportunities section of home page and submit your bio. You will be contacted by us for further instruction.

And the Feeding frenzy begins

I’ve already received calls from guys asking. “Are you going to get any work in Japan?”  I told both of them, ” The damn water hasn’t receded yet.”  Airports haven’t been opened and the US military bases allowed planes that were circling during the tsunami to land so that they didn’t run out of fuel. …

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No Salahi’s here

The event we just did had approximately 100 CEO’s attending their spring meeting. Each of these CEO’s is directly affecting how the US is run. The host committee distributes their ID badges upon arrival. I’ve had this client for about 10 years and eventhough these CEO’s are used to running multi billion dollar corporations they …

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Watching it unfold

I’m working for a client that has a speaker arriving that has an advance agent doing an advance. The advance agent is getting impatient because the venue security manager is nowhere to be found. He finally shows up and we do the walk. The event host shows up after the walkthrough and tries to convince …

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The 12 hour post

How do you stay alert, stay focused on a 12 hour shift of post work? How do you stay as sharp through hours 7-12. How do you stop daydreaming about things of the past or just as bad, things that haven’t even happened. Protection specialists need to stay in the present. The NOW. As Gavin …

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Do I care?

Just did the pre con meeting and met with the head of security about the event. After the pre con he and I met off line and he starts the conversation by asking if I’ve done any High risk work overseas. Then he tells me he has extensive work in the box. Really? But have …

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Stay on post

Tomorrow we will be covering a special event annual meeting for the next 3 days. The last time we were at this venue the Events coordinator forgot to inform me of the pre-con meeting for the event. At that pre-con meeting she told the head of security that we had intel that protesters may show …

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What do you do?

When I travel I always get looks and people inquiring about what I do for a living. I purposely do not wear tactical gear like 5.11 pants or Blackhawk hats etc. But there’s something about us that says, ” He does something different.” I tell people that I’m a consultant on risk management. Thats not …

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