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Name: Eric Konohia
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Stay informed=Stay off the X=Stay Alive

I am always open to others ideas and try to keep an open mind about everyone’s perspective.  I have to admit that before I was corrected by a colleague whom I respect from Los Angeles. I won’t mention his name without his permission but so that he knows I am giving his credit his initials …

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Myriad of Personalities

One of the things I had to make adjustments to was the different personalities that we deal with in this business.  We deal with the personality of the Protectees, the client, the point of contact, and Specialists. Having the ability to navigate through the differences will make you a stronger person/leader overall.  Moreover, knowing how to …

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The International AMEX

One thing that will not be turned down in any city USA and most places abroad is the US dollar. I have lost count of how many times I’ve used a twenty to get a prime holding spot for our vehicles, a specific table in a restaurant etc. In Liberia, where the avg weekly income …

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Is the term “PSD” working its way back from the sandbox into corporate EP

We in the corporate world have used the term “EP” Detail for years.  Sometimes guys just say they are on a Detail and anyone in the business knows what they are talking about.  I just started reading a book last night and the author stated that the term PSD has replaced EP.  This is not …

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Hi my name is Eric and I’m a gear queer!

I have successfully graduated from the 12 step program of gear queers anonymous. Most of you know what I’m talking about but for those of you neophytes out there. A gear queer is a pseudonym for a person that has an addiction to buy every new piece of gear that comes out. New weapons, parts, …

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Can you hear me now? When comms go down

Sceanrio 1 You are approaching your destination, the Protectee is seated comfortably in the rear right seat of the primary vehicle.  Your shift leader in the front right of the follow up.  He’s frantically trying to raise the site specialist to inform him that he’s 2 mikes [minutes] out.  No JOY!!!!  He tries over and …

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The death of the photographers vest

The tan photo vest was the calling card of protection in the 90’s.  If you had one on everyone in the business knew you were working.  We got away from them by 2001 although a specific detail we worked in Mclean, VA it was the standard uniform of the day. We came up with another …

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No drinking until wheels up.

Let me start this entry with a question: Do you think it’s appropriate for Specialists to drink even if they are off for the day during an active detail? Let’s say, you’re on a detail and you’re base of operations is at a hotel.  You have a specialist that is off for that day or a …

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What’s behind your name?

About a year ago, I was tempted to study for the CPP certification. Then I asked myself, “What do I gain from spending the money and the time?” I get a seat at the table with all of the so-called “Experts” as designated by ASIS. It pads my resume for a job position. But I …

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Pull out and protect yourself.

The question comes up, “When do you decline to take on a client”. I live by the premise that “all money isn’t good money”. Some years ago we were asked if we were interested in providing the site security for a well known rap artist. This individual was and is at the top of the …

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