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Name: Eric Konohia
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Shopping experience

Mark-The MODAD Threat Management Solution ( tells each class that we hold that no one school can teach you everything about executive protection. I totally agree. He tells students that MTMS is like a shopping experience. Look at the MTMS course as a grocery store. Go down each aisle and take from it what you …

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Can you hear me now

We all know that saying on the verizon commercial and I am taking time out while at the airport to blog on an issue that just came up. In this business most of the specialists are independents and depend on that golden egg phone call for a long term detail. As a business owner we …

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A day of consulting

I didn’t want to start another blog that I was going to do about “did you talk to the right people”.Instead I am just finished first day of meetings on site a project I am overseeing. The actual site meeting is tomorrow but i wanted to be prepared. It’s tough dealing with an architect company …

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My share of mistakes

In no way do I want to come off as being mistake free. I’ve had my share of snafus. The key to my success is acknowledging them and alleviating them from happening again. Once in Vegas me and mark had to meet a client in the private villas at the mirage. We had been to …

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Oh no, not that car service!

Often times we are working details that use car services whereby the drivers are not security trained or have any protective driving courses under their belt. In the MTMS course I teach the protective driving operations block. The first PowerPoint slide is titled The driver-“the weakest link”. The definition we use is “non security professional …

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Shut your mouth and be the “Wise ‘ole Owl”

When I pledged my fraternity I had to memorize a poem called, “Wise ‘ole Owl” There was an ole owl who sat on an oak the longer he sat, the less he spoke the less he spoke, the more he heard why can’t I be like that wise ole bird Speak intelligently, speak when spoken …

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Roger that

We all wanna be cool and speak in jargon. But do you know where it really comes from. Words are powerful, but knowledge is the ability to apply that power properly and effectively.  

What time do we eat?

Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready!!!!  When I was a junior Operator, Specilaist, [whatever you wanna call it, but PLEASE don’t refer to me ever as being a Bodyguard] and I knew that I had a long shift ahead of me, I packed some type of sustenace on my person that …

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Silent Professional vs $ilent Professional

All of the true professionals reading this blog [at least I hope] have read and signed a non disclosure agreement [NDA]. In it, it artuclates that you will not discuss the particulars of the client, the protectee and anyone affiliated with the protective detail. You have a contractual agreement to uphold this confidentiality. Not all …

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The ultimate “Protectee”

No matter if you’re protecting a celebrity, a fortune 1 CEO, or some HR director who just terminated an employee, there is a protectee that is always in the car, in the hotel, at the restaurant or a board meeting. This protectee is always lurking on the scene standing ready to do good or bad …

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