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Name: Eric Konohia
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“Hey, we’re inside why are your sunglasses still on?”

I totally understand the reason for wearing sunglasses outside to protect your eyes. I personally have pingueculae which is a raised lesion on the white part of the eye due to over exposure to sun. It does not affect my vision but I have it. I also know the other reason is so that when …

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“Get that bag for me”

There is always a hefty discussion on whether a specialist working a protection detail should carry bags for the protectee. I’ve heard people say emphatically, “I don’t carry bags!”. Understand this, corporate EP has evolved into sometimes being considered Executive Concierge service. There have been times when I did not want to carry a bag …

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Are you dressed for work or for Church

Alan Flusser has a book that I purchased called, “Dressing the Man”. In it he articulates every aspect of a well dressed man. From suits, shirts, cufflinks, braces [commonly called suspenders incorrectly] to shoes, socks, ascots, ties, bowties, pocket squares etc. It’s a pricey book but every well dressed Specialist should have one in his …

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To be EARLY is to be on time. To be on time is to be LATE!

Everyone around me knows that I am stickler about time. I have no room for guys/women in my network who have timeliness issues. My father instilled this in me at an early age. In fact I remember him asking my mother what time she wanted to leave for an event that she wanted to go …

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Don’t call me a bodyguard.

The mere term bemoans of a burly guy, bald head, black suit, black shirt, black tie and a van dyke (proper name for what people call a goatee). The term in the US depicts someone that “follows” a celebrity around. Notice I said, “follow”. For you old school specialist it also describes a guy that …

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Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

I’m definitely a proponent of staying fit. Image is everything in this business. Look the part and be the part. Staying fit helps with the long hours and helps staying sharp at hour 12 just as you were at hour 1. No one knows the day, time or hour when you’ll have to respond. Ask …

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Catfish Network

Also known as “bottom feeders”.  These murky water dwellers survive off of the bottom of their habitat.  My partner Mark Fair [MTMS] coined the term Catfish network describing a subset of individuals that have populated our industryy,in particular just outside the Washington, D.C.  This group of unethical, unprofessional bottom feeders make it a habit of …

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Law Enforcement vs. Military (is there a preference?)

There is a common theory and argument that EP Specialist should have either a law enforcement or military background. From a security company perspective we need to know that each of these institutions have inherent training features that compliment the EP mindset, however both have training features that are contrary to the EP mindset. The …

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New section to Basic Course

Me and Mark Fair [MTMS] will be working on the new workplace violence section of the MODAD Threat Management Solution Basic Executive Protection Course today. BPI will be hosting a Basic EP Course in the Washington, DC area this spring. This class will be open however students will will be vetted. From my perspective, many …

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