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Name: Eric Konohia
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I’m Sick of this BS but here is another BPI S.C.A.B.

The unfortunate death of famous singer Whitney Houston could not go a year without her former bodyguard [yea bodyguard] Alan Jacobs trying to cash in on his failed career.According to his interview with Celebuzz!, Jacob is a “former soldier and security expert, and worked for Houston from 1995-2002, during which he became a close eyewitness …

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Before you get to today’s blog I want to let you in on something I decided to do.  I have begun to select certain specialists within the industry that I have had some input in their careers to guest blog on my site.  Each of these guest bloggers add a distinct variable to the industry …

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When words matter in your career – Survey Says!

When I spoke at the recent first annual ICON Summit in Atlanta I revealed a portion of a survey that I did with the assistance of a friend who has a Ph.D in behavioral social sciences. I told him that I wanted to survey specific cities that are known for using our services. These cities …

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It’s been a minute

I have not forgotten about the blog. In fact, I am working on a couple projects that will benefit those “INTERESTED” and “SERIOUS” specialists and company owners.  The dormancy of the blog is should not be a sign of losing topics to post but a clear sign that I am working on something to help …

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Are you pliable

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged due to work and scheduling. One thing has crossed my mind about specialists being pliable or trainable. I have run across specialists that have been in the industry who have worked many details as well as those that have worked details that they feel are notable details. When …

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Another review of the Summit

This is another recap of the First Annual ICON summit. Make sure you click the link at the bottom of the review to stay abreast of the next summit. Review here

The Rock is in the Pond

For the attendees of the Summit and those other individuals that were able to interact with “The Five” you have a responsibility to keep the message moving.  What message you ask?  Well there are several but the main message is that there is finally a MOVEMENT in the right direction.  You can shake a stick …

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The Summit through the eyes of the Corporate beard

Days before the SUMMIT This blog is jaded and biased BUT it will be truthful. After months of preparing individually and collectively I journeyed to Atlanta, GA on January 17, 2013 to prepare for the First annual ICON Summit. For the first 2 or so days I assisted where needed and tried to stay mentally …

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Bass akward tacky response

I blogged yesterday about James Yeager’s insensitive, unprofessional, thoughtless Youtube tirades over the last couple of days. Offline I spoke to other leaders in the industry and told them that it would be a matter of time before authorities stepped in and extended the long arm of the law. Well I am here to report …

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The water is coming over the dam

The aftermath of the tragic Newtown, CT incident still seems to make conversation at the breakfast counters, Starbucks and other gathering spots.  As the murmurs of some weapons ban is till walking through the halls of the United States Capitol, the conversations and arguments seemingly appear on someone’s blog, vlog, website and social media vehicles. …

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