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Another bout with risk and threat

Another interesting conversation began on the NABA Facebook page regarding high risk details and the subject of threat surely entered the dialogue. Today I don’t want to address definitions nor do I want to discuss the differences between the 2. What in want to discuss is the professional and ethical responsibility of each service provider …

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What language are you speaking

We are one of industries that has a glossary of terms as thick as the book of executive protection.  Client, principal and protectee in many cases are used for the same person, when in fact 2 of them are the same and the first one does not always mean the person we are protecting.  Site assessment, …

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Lessons learned from the Corporate Beard

I don’t have the raw numbers but I can speculate that the total protection industry population rose again in 2012.  If history repeats itself it will do the same in 2013.  Various factors instigate the rise in numbers from, money, men and women transitioning out of the military that find the CRAFT is a good …

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Day 2 of Resolute

When I arrived at the gym this morning at 0330 I asked the gym attendant how many new members had enrolled for the New Years.  He laughed but could not give me a number.  His response was typical for anyone that has been around fitness centers, gyms etc.  As I said yesterday there is a …

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The industry does NOT function on resolutions

I don’t espouse to wasteful resolutions that people do one day a year – TODAY that last’s for about one [1] month.  The gym membership cycle kicks in and will be crowded and over-populated for about 2 months until May when these same people who departed their personal promise to only try to get ready …

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The other day a news agency located in the upper north east quadrant released the names and addresses of registered gun owners in counties of one state under the FOIA [Freedom of information act].  Almost immediately, an attorney in that same region retaliated and “doxed” the names and addresses of 50 journalists of that news agency. …

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You have to resist the choice of being outrageous

I am extremely proud of the way that the Facebook NABA page has become the place to go and share industry best practices and share thoughts.  It has, in the last 6 to 9 months been heavily policed to ensure that “Professionalism” is the watchword of the group.  It is, in my opinion, the one …

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Knowing the “Business” side of the Industry Business

I had a great conversation with a specialist this morning whose name I will keep anonymous.  He and I have had many talks before relating to the business [nuts and bolts] of the business side of the industry.  Not once did we speak of training, weapons, gun control or any of the other seemingly topics …

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The first thing is Advocacy

The true executive protection specialist, leader and/or expert is the person that our clients go to for recommendations and solutions.  We have to solve problems with recommendations and NOT opinions.  Opinions are “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.” Secondly, we have to take out all unimportant and unrelated emotions out …

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Industry experts – Call to action

It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this blog today.  Yesterday’s horrific and senseless loss of life is a direct intersection with our industry.  As of 2000 hours last evening [December 14, 2012] I STOPPED listening to the misinformation that has been pushed on every so-called reputable news station.  As a …

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