You ONLY get what’s available


Happy New Year to all.  As most of you know, I am very active in social media for branding purposes as well as to increase the standard of the industry.  At the close of each year I pay very close attention to the “Resolutions” of the service providers and specialists in the industry.  For the …

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Great Open Source Briefing on ISIS


This is an open source briefing on ISIS that was emailed to me click link to read TSG-The-Islamic-State-Nov14

Think and Reason like a Special Operator


I got this SOFREP article today and read it.  This is a great article that explains “Mindset is Key” as well as your process to see and function problems.  Very appropriate to share. How to Think and Reason like a Special Operator

The Standard Decline of an Institution


Some time ago I wrote a paper titled, “The Standard decline of an Institution” that addressed the degradation of this industry.  In it I posed a theory that all GREAT institutions start with a STANDARD.  And that standard is upheld from the last hired to the leaders of that institution.  That standard starts with the hiring requirements …

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The Security Brief Podcast show ‘The REAL Bodyguard” in its entirety

This is the show in its entirety.  Click ———> HERE

The Real bodyguard is buried on The Security Brief.

paul me frank

On October 20, 2014 I boarded the Amtrak train from Maryland to Penn Station New York City, New York to spend the day with my brother, mentor and friend Paul Viollis, PhD.  This was a trip that was well over-due but since Paul’s newest success with his radio show The Security Brief we had previously spoken …

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Shedding some LIGHT on “Unfinished business”


Once again I want to give another perspective of one of the attendees at the recent Front Right Seat II Leadership Elevation Protocol Symposium.  Unlike Tommy Smith’s perspective, I had no tangible relationship with Kevin Ghee prior to his attendance.  He will explain that we crossed paths once and communicated via social media messaging. Of …

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He maybe quiet but Neckbone gets his “BACK” into it…..


It has been awhile since I posted a blog but it has not been for a loss of topics, ideas and concerns.  Running a business and maintaining client Relationships has been and still remains TOP PRIORITY on a daily basis.  Although I am posting this blog, let there be no mistake that I did not …

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S.C.A.B’s moon walking at a dead Principal’s expense


Moon Walking on the Grave Just when there is a glimpse of the industry moving in the right decision and much of the buffoonery that brought us down seemed to subside, we got another taste of “Loose Lips” to make tips [money].  Not too long after The “King of Pop” passed away the two [2] …

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New Beginnings

Back in November 2013 I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the college commencement ceremonies for the YTI Institute in Pennsylvania. The theme of that commencement was “Moving Forward”.  I was asked to speak again as the keynote speaker for the May 29, 2014 commencement ceremonies at YTI on the theme “New Beginnings.”  In both …

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