Tis’ the Reason to be vigilant…Fa la la la la, la la la la


In light of the what happened in Paris on November 13, 2015, coupled with the every changing and evolving nature of the world we currently live in, the nature of what we do puts us in direct responsibility of protecting our clients, our family and our homes.  ISIS fundamentally espouses to the core premise of …

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Is the Campaign trail too much………

A couple of weeks ago Republican candidate Donald Trump was giving a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa when he and Univision anchor and reporter, Jose Ramos went back and forth on the topic of immigration.  Trump gave the signal for his long-time bodyguard to escort Mr. Ramos out of the press conference. Just this past …

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A specialist’s introspection prior to working on THE SHIFT

Over the past couple of years I have allowed specialists to give their first-hand experience with working with and for me particularly when they get the opportunity to experience a “First” in their careers.  I met Jimmy Menzoian in January 2013 during the First annual ICON Summit.  Since that time we had been communicating regarding …

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Fed Up with xEdeF – “When you absolutely want your package un-delivered”


In our industry we often find that using delivery services is far more convenient than checking tons of boxes, bags and even our favorite – The Pelican Case.  These delivery services compete against each other promising to get you “stuff” where it needs to be when it needs to be there.  Here is my second occurrence …

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RED BEHAVIOR? ……What you are missing – LITERALLY MISSING

There are far too many examples and ways to recognize what we term as “Red Behavior” or pre-incident behaviors that can help in identifying assailants before they intend to do harm against your principal.  There are just as many fancy names that go along with this process like the “OODA Loop [observe, orient, decide, act]” …

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You are next on deck

Earlier this month I took one of my full-time employees on his first overseas trip which I new would change his perspective of the industry and his daily responsibilities on many levels.  Dave Bohlman has been working for me for approximately three (3) years as my Detail Leader for the residential detail of one of my …

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The answer to the 2nd “P”


I get so many emails, phone calls and messages asking me in some form or fashion, “What is the best course or class to take to prepare me for executive protection?” There are, but a few courses, that I will recommend depending on what niche market [Platform] you are entering, but the one course that …

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You ONLY get what’s available


Happy New Year to all.  As most of you know, I am very active in social media for branding purposes as well as to increase the standard of the industry.  At the close of each year I pay very close attention to the “Resolutions” of the service providers and specialists in the industry.  For the …

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Great Open Source Briefing on ISIS


This is an open source briefing on ISIS that was emailed to me click link to read TSG-The-Islamic-State-Nov14

Think and Reason like a Special Operator


I got this SOFREP article today and read it.  This is a great article that explains “Mindset is Key” as well as your process to see and function problems.  Very appropriate to share. How to Think and Reason like a Special Operator