That’s not what I trained for

When we attend our executive protection schools in just about all cases we train to be seated in and deploy from the front right seat as the detail leader or in the case of a solo specialist.  So what happens when you have a principal that insists that he/she sits in the front right seat …

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Do you have another side

I totally enjoy the daily interactions on social media.  It’s a gaze into the eyes of the CRAFT and see what she has within.  On any given day there are countless moments of light hearted banter and silliness.  Last week Elijah Shaw had some free time and came of with some movie posters that he …

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The Creed

Several years ago I wrote what I felt was the Creed of the Executive Protection Specialist.  About 3 months ago I was cleaning some files when I ran across it and decided to have it protected with the Library of Congress.  Today I want to forgo a formal blog and share it. Read it carefully as …

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Pre-detail work ups

Before any detail that we engage in I always send the specialist[s] an upbrief that equips them with all of the pertinent informtion that is needed for that detail.  This report reiterates everything that we have gone over on the phone.  In the report will be the address, point of contact [POC], pertinent telephone numbers, …

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They learn from the WHY

I am totally convinced that there is ONE main ingredient that MUSt be every course that is taught – THE WHY.  All courses focus on the HOW because it is the bread and butter of that course, but if you don’t explain the WHY you are setting your students up for robotic failure.  Let me …

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Enter the fireman


We are always talking about former law enforcement this and former military that as far as personnel better equipped to transition into this field. I am on record as saying that inherently their baseline training contradicts the core principals of EP. They do bring a set of core competencies that are good in this industry …

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Who owns the event


You’re covering a principal that is speaking at an event for his company that is hosted by a third party vendor. You know that you are taking your principal there to speak on behalf of his company yet a third party vendor is sponsoring the event. How do you manipulate your visit within that particular …

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Your baby is ugly


I stole that saying from Mark James who told me in a conversation we were having. This week I have seen the lowest level of professionalism since I have been working any job in my lifetime. I won’t mention any names here but he’s close to being mentioned here, this “guy” went on another closed …

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Is your name protected


Several months ago i recommended that specialists buy the domains to their names. I won’t go over the importance of professional email addresses versus a gmail, verizon et al extension. But I want reiterate the importance of buying your domain names. If you are a specialist or a company and you elevate your position in …

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Tactical parenting

We have all seen the mother or father walking the parking lots of the malls or even the malls where the children are way out of range to get to if they needed to OR the parent that is frantically running through Walmart screaming, “BILLY – BILLY!”  Let’s not forget the announcement, “Attention Walmart shoppers …

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