Who owns the event


You’re covering a principal that is speaking at an event for his company that is hosted by a third party vendor. You know that you are taking your principal there to speak on behalf of his company yet a third party vendor is sponsoring the event. How do you manipulate your visit within that particular …

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Your baby is ugly


I stole that saying from Mark James who told me in a conversation we were having. This week I have seen the lowest level of professionalism since I have been working any job in my lifetime. I won’t mention any names here but he’s close to being mentioned here, this “guy” went on another closed …

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Is your name protected


Several months ago i recommended that specialists buy the domains to their names. I won’t go over the importance of professional email addresses versus a gmail, verizon et al extension. But I want reiterate the importance of buying your domain names. If you are a specialist or a company and you elevate your position in …

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Tactical parenting

We have all seen the mother or father walking the parking lots of the malls or even the malls where the children are way out of range to get to if they needed to OR the parent that is frantically running through Walmart screaming, “BILLY – BILLY!”  Let’s not forget the announcement, “Attention Walmart shoppers …

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Do scenarios help

If you follow me in social media you know that I often post scenarios on Facebook to give the members an opportunity to put themselves in the thinking man’s game.  These scenarios are not made up but are based on my personal experiences or those of others that I know.  So what’s the big deal …

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On Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves

I am a proponent of endorsing others when I feel that their beliefs are consistent to what I believe in and the “Mindset” needed for the executive protection specialist.  In the past I have endorsed M/Sgt Paul Howe’s US Army SFOD-D (Retired) book, Leadership and Training For The Fight, a very superb read.  Today I want to …

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Call – Sign “Loquacious

I was thinking about this the other day when I was auditing my comms gear for yearly service.  One of the most annoying behaviors on any detail are those specialists that like to communicate on the radios like they are having a telephone conversation.  Due to the fact that there is such an influence of …

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You have to pay for me to play with my AMEX

It does not matter whether you have a long-term contract or a detail that lasts for a day or a week, one thing that will pile up on any service provider is the expenses that you bill back to clients.  At any given time you may have a pile of outstanding invoices and the sum …

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Active actionable intel in Washington, DC

We are very busy with an active situation in the Washington, DC area.  I have sent an Alert email to all of my clients and colleagues that could be affected.  If you are in the Washington, DC area and I can verify that you are in the industry I will pass along the intel in …

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Every specialist needs this


In an industry where you find yourselves spending hundreds of dollars on training, clothes and gear I want to suggest one of the best under $10 investments you can make. The truth of the matter is that everyone needs this piece of gear in their bags, suit or shirt pocket. In this industry where personal …

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