The Floperator

birds on the wire

I hate to flood the blog with another term, but I could not resist this one.  This term has been looming in the shadows with me for awhile now but most recently erupted in a conversation I had with a valued colleague. Today’s EP specialist has become so enamored with the thought of acceptance within …

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Professional-Protector or Liar for Hire – Avery Mitchell


Which One Are You? **I want to start this article off by saying that I am speaking about a very small segment of the executive protection & bodyguard industry, yet this small segment the “liar protector for hire” has a huge impact on the industry and standards for this craft** Professional: characterized by or conforming …

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So you wanna be a Tier-1 EP Operator? This week in Protection June 2, 2013

Over the past week I have started featuring talented Specialists who, for many reasons cannot connect to many of the networks outside of the regular social media fulcrum. Last week I featured Avery Mitchell of USGMI who wrote two blazing eye opening blogs about the current status of the EP industry and the specialists in …

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Part 2 “SMB” Social Media Bodyguards-The New Generation of Bodyguard

“SMB” Social Media Bodyguards-The New Generation of Bodyguard Part 2 By Avery Mitchell, USGMI This is Part 2 of my original blog about the new generation of bodyguards called “SMB” Social Media Bodyguards which is a group of Bodyguards that share a passion for keeping client’s safe and promoting how they did it on Social …

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“SMB” Social Media Bodyguards


The New Generation of Bodyguard The following blog is being written because of my love for the Executive/Personal/Close Protection & Bodyguard industry. I always remember the words of my good friend Eric Konohia when he says “one day I woke up and didn’t recognize the industry that I fell in love with”. I share those …

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Trap Door

trap door

This past week I was in a conversation when the term, “Trap Door” was used to explain when someone, in the industry or not, gets too comfortable with their position and their job that causes them to lose ground on their responsibilities to start walking and operating in the “gray” area. Understand this, the “Gray” …

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Are we managers or mitigators


I want to do a short blog on a commonly used term that can contradict our intended purpose. Often we see the term “Crisis Management” used in describing services that we provide. For me the use of the term management implies reactive to a crisis, almost implying that you don’t do anything until the problem …

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Don’t believe the hype


There has been a huge conversation on social media about vetting others so-called backgrounds and experience. Some feel that these posers should be outed and others say that eventually their house of cards will come tumbling down. I personally won’t expose or out a known catfish however if asked about someone I feel it is …

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Daily alert


I am trying something new with the BPI blog. Daily Intelligence Briefing Monday, April 29 2013 AFGHANISTAN (Security threat level – ) BOMB KILLS THREE POLICEMEN IN GHANZI PROVINCE A roadside bomb killed three policemen in Ghazni province on 28 April 2013, a day after the Taliban announced the start of their spring offensive. The …

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Bonus Blog for April, 24, 2013- The Boston Marathon Bombing


I have very good friend that has served our country at the highest levels of the US Armed Forces.  His expertise in the Military and in the civilian sector IS explosives.  Yesterday he sent me a white paper that he constructed titled, “My opinion”.  Whenever he offers an opinion in this matter WE [those he …

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