Smoke & Mirrors


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Avery Mitchell with this topic.  After he presented me with this topic we talked about putting it on the blog.  Avery has been featured on the BPI blog in the past and his tenacious perspective of the industry fits the tone and aim of my blog – …

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My Contract vs. Your Right


Article 1. SCOPE OF WORK: “Client hereby retains BPI to provide [unarmed] [armed] executive protection and security services as set forth on Attachment A.” That is the very first line of the BPI contract.  If you notice there are two choices in the first sentence that must be defined PRIOR to me submitting the contract to …

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It’s NOT the training


It has been quite some time that I have blogged due to heavy schedule, travel and BPI responsibilities. About a month ago a colleague shared with me some disheartening conversations he had with a couple specialists that were dismayed at the lack of opportunities in the industry. In that conversation I told him that I …

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The Haters are my elevators


The more I immerse myself in trying to take willing specialists to the “Next Level” of experience in this industry the more I’m met along the way by HATERS. In the past I would be un-nerved by this behavior, but as more and more specialists see the benefit of what I am doing the less …

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Teaching Bojangles how to REALLY dance.

A couple weeks ago I posted a blog on a recent detail we did where I wanted to give an insider look at how it transpired from day to day. A day or so later I received a blog comment from an attempted anonymous emailer “noskoollikeoldskool” who basically stated that the blog was made up. …

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Authenticity and Reality Clarified-Keeping the light shining on the Specialist returning to the Dark


It seems that my last blog peaked some interest from many aspiring specialists and raised a brow from more of the leaders in the industry.  REALITY BOMB and AUTHENTICITY CHECK is a wake up alarm for everyone.  The experience that the two [2] Neophyte specialists received from last week will give them a totally new …

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Reality Bomb – Authenticity Check

thinking man

This past week we completed a 7 man close-in detail where I incorporated two [2] aspiring specialists to get a taste of what I talk about all the time – “The next level of Executive Protection”. I chose them specifically because of their humility to learn and yet enough room for the REALITY BOMB to …

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In all things sought after – ALWAYS seek relevancy over popular


The other day I delved into my three [3] classifications of the industry: CLASS – 1: The Doers. These are the service providers and specialists that are actually doing executive protection. They are licensed and meet of their compliance regulations in the respective jurisdictions. They work hard to maintain the professional image of the industry …

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3 Classifications


Over the last 6 months I have been keeping  a close on on the pulse of the CRAFT and its true vitality in the overall security industry.  What I personally see is a dismal reflection of what is perceived as the tip of the Spear in the industry.  Its has become apparent to me that …

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In a practical sense who are we most like, USSS or DSS. Survey says…..

DSS in action

I have been mulling over posting this theory for awhile now and decided to blog it to open the minds of members of the CRAFT regarding who we are similar to in everyday detail operations.  This is in no way to diminish or contradict which official methodology of protection you espouse to, but rather a …

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