BPI EP School

BPI in conjunction with MODAD Threat Management Solution will be hosting a 5 day EP School in Maryland on May 16-20, 2011. This will not be a DCJS course however after successful completion students will be placed on BPI’s roster for details excluding VA. If you are interested please forward your bio to info@bpigroupusa.com. The …

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Article by my friend


Let’s wait until the story is succinct and cogent

Apparently in the anxiety of breaking the news of UBL’s timely demise the white house was premature in releasing it’s version of the events. Notice I didn’t say it’s version of the facts. There can only be one version of the fact. Today the story has changed dramatically from what was released on Monday. Perhaps …

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Where’s the spin?

Leave the pics in the file cabinet. In fact is it possible that the radicals could view their dead leader the same as a Christian views the crucifix? When 43 mistakingly used the term crusade in his personal diatribe on getting UBL after 9/11 they spun the term and made it a religious aspiration on …

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Silence speaks from experience

This is for you Rodhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpqg9SF2x50&feature=youtube_gdata_player

And here we go

I’m sitting at the rehab center watching my mother go through her occupational therapy and physical therapy from her heart attack and I’m being punished by listening to these male patients talking about, “someone from the CIA will leak the photos to the national enquirer over a cup of coffee at starbucks”. Then the other …

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Warrior Mindset and EP Mindset

We’ve all been inundated with the recent news of UBL and the heroic precision of the Dev Group. In fact, the whole premise of the silent professional has gone out the window. The only people we haven’t heard from is the actual team members on the OP. I watched CNN and a former seal team …

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Pictures speak a 1000 words

Yea, that’s what they used to say before Photoshop, Corel and the other applications out there. Do we really need to show a pic of UBL’s half shot off head to put to sleep these Area 51 doubters? Not for me. I dont need it to believe it. It’s inconceivable for a lie or conspiracy …

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Call sign Geronimo K-I-A. What’s next for us?

The country and much of the world is celebrating the surgical operation on UBL. The cheers and singing of the national anthem are resounding in the DC area and every news camera and station is only covering this story. The back story is this: UBL was the figure head on this fight on terrorism. Killing …

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The call

You get a call from a client and there’s an issue that needs to be fixed immediately.  Flying someone to the location is going to take too long.  Here’s the scenario:  You have history with a specific stalker and your client.  This person has fallen off the radar screen for about 2 years and seems …

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