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Business executives, diplomats, and other at-risk individuals and their families face possible threats at work, at home, or when traveling – especially in high-risk countries.  Threats including kidnapping, criminal assault, robbery, and loss of life.  In an era of global expansion, organizations and their security professionals are also increasingly concerned with costs of business disruption and damage to their firm’s reputation; consequently, they are adopting stronger security measures to protect their people.  BPI Security understands the risks and has experience in many countries protecting people at risk due to the nature of their work, wealth, visibility, or activities.


With BPI Group’s Executive Protection service, you will receive thorough threat assessments, comprehensive communication and emergency response plans, and discreet protection specialists who are carefully selected.  They are rigorously trained using methods derived from government agencies, including the U.S. Secret Service, United States Special Forces and the U.S. State Department.  The result is a security plan that balances risks against an appropriate level of security while helping to keep your people and assets safe.  BPI Security is the preferred provider of organizations for executive protection services by some of the world’s most high-profile individuals and families.  They, like you, can count on one of the most trusted firms in the world to mitigate your vulnerability to dangerous or unpleasant situations without disrupting the way they work and live.


Risk Assessment – evaluates critical threats at travel destinations, residences or temporary housing, business facilities and commuting routes; assesses security procedures and coverage; exposes vulnerabilities; and recommends security improvements.

Risk and Crisis Management Plan – develops procedures for reporting and investigating threats; outlines evacuations procedures; develops safety manuals; designates emergency contacts and call-tree lists; identifies the nearest medical facilities and the safest steps to avoid further danger in a crisis.

Education – certifies or re-certifies your in-house security detail in personnel protection skills needed to provide everyday security for corporate executives and other at-risk individuals.  BPI specialists also offer one-on-one security awareness training for individuals, families, and support staff on security tactics that help your VIP’s become active partners in their own security

Protection Specialists – provide personnel security details or augment your existing team and accompany clients virtually anywhere for extended periods. They receive intense training in defensive and evasive driving, surveillance detection, weapons, intelligence and emergency medical response. The team is often bilingual; is aware of cultural nuances; understands threat mitigation and performs with discretion.

Protective Drivers and Vehicles – provide safe transport using armored or unarmored vehicles.  In addition to protective driving operations many of our protective drivers are trained in dismounted close protection techniques.  Vehicles can be fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and “panic buttons”.


Maximize Productivity / Minimize Disruptions – each specialist has the skill sets required to react quickly, interact with and make your family, colleagues, and you comfortable, maintain a low profile, and minimize disruptions to how you work and live.

Maintains Business Continuity – the BPI team helps to ensure that the essential functions of your people, assets, and business survive a disruption or incident.

Protect People – protecting yourself, colleagues, and your family is essential.  BPI understands that people are priceless; keeping you out of harm’s way is a commitment BPI takes seriously. The BPI Executive Protection service helps you move forward in business and in life with confidence.

Reduce Risk – proper analysis, planning, and crisis management greatly reduces the risk of criminal activity and poor response in an emergency, helping to prevent substantial damage to people, property, and business continuity.

Deter Criminal Activity – having a trained and watchful security presence as you travel and work provides peace of mind and is a strong deterrent to criminals.

Respond Effectively to an Emergency– BPI Security’s specialist will respond and direct others in emergencies or other dangerous incidents by evacuating the protected and by communicating with law enforcement or emergency medical personnel quickly.