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BPI travelThe conveyance of an executive protection team is extremely complex and a major undertaking. The complexities of moving specialists from city to city, with ground transportation and lodging is a very demanding task for any travel agency.  Executive protection service providers and their specialists incorporate special circumstances that can and should be handled ONLY by experts in our industry.  We experienced that first-hand.

In 2006 we were providing executive protection services for a high-threat, high-risk individual across the globe using one of the nation’s leading travel agencies.  We knew that the travel load would require a travel agent team designated to us around the clock from the travel agency.  The travel load became overwhelming for the agency where it was apparent that we had to take matters in our own hands.  After receiving permission from the client we began managing our own travel and logistics and designated one person to handle this responsibility and and experienced specialist to help with the planning.  Two (2) things became apparent:

  1. Travel agencies are not savvy on executive protection operations and the special circumstances that are involved
  2. Travel and logistics for an active EP team is better served by a person operationally experienced in the CRAFT.

With that, we launched BPI Travel, a full-service, full-time travel and logistical support division to support BPI Security’s needs.  We perfected the travel and logistical needs of the industry.

Do not risk moving your executive protection specialists around the globe in the hands of someone that does vacation travel.  In an industry where seconds matter, having your people where they need to be, when they need to be there should ONLY be managed by those that have been there before.