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Executive Protection Team 

LookOften times proprietary as well as private sector service provider teams are put together in haste without proper thought.  Understanding how your team, to include the command and control, should be set up, is key to longevity and cohesiveness.  We have years of success in this process.  Our operational model ensures a solid connection with your operational specialists, your command and control and your office administration.



Training Program Audit

watching the debusThe weakest link in this industry is the initial executive protection training. The over saturation of executive protection schools have caused a mad race for students.  This has caused a quantity over quality end result in the industry.  Insufficiently trained specialists are populating the industry.  Does your training program truly teach the principles of executive protection?  We have years of experience in teaching Fortune 1 – 5 proprietary teams and private sector independents.  We are an outspoken proponent for standardization and know what a training program should consist of.  Contact us today to look at your training program.


Service Provider Coach

Me Ben RaffaeleCompanies in our industry struggle from lack of guidance and coaching.  New business owners do not take into consideration the responsibilities of starting and running a new executive protection company.  New owners unaware of the costs associated with starting their company.

Some companies are currently in business yet they struggle with building and maintaining client relationships.  We are known in this industry as a proponent of client relationships.  We feel that this relationship is the bloodline to your company’s survival.  A secondary issue with many pre-existing companies is poor branding and marketing in this market.  Trying to survive as just another executive protection company is difficult.  Understanding your niche is CRITICAL to your success.

These same companies also struggle from efficiency.  Is the administrative side of your business properly set up to handle your day to day operations.  We have a track record of running and managing a successful business in this industry.  Our client base has steadily increased from year to year.  We understand how to manage the full-time protective needs of a client because we have done it for years.