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HELIXThe private security industry met the challenge of providing high threat close-in protection operators known as “Contractors” [PSD] to our dignitaries and ambassadors abroad in those challenging austere environments.  The world in which we live in is changing every day and the THREAT is evolving with that change.  As our country was beginning to wind down our military presence abroad the PSD industry and its need to protect these government VIP’s and their assets also began to reduce.  These PSD operators are finding it difficult to find work back at home because of the reputation and profile assigned to them from years of loose to no regulatory control.

US based corporations have increased their business ventures in these same areas to assist in the rebuilding of those post war countries as well as continue and initiate corporate ventures.  What has not changed is the THREAT to American citizens and US based corporations domestically and abroad.  In fact, we can all agree that the current THREAT [ISIS] is more complex than ever before.

BPI Security has developed a three [3] pronged resolution that will serve to fix that problem: THE HELIX

t-[threat] H-[Helix] e-[executive]

he-lix: an object having a three-dimensional shape like that of a wire wound uniformly in a single layer around a cylinder or cone, as in a corkscrew or spiral staircase

THE HELIX is a new division of services provided by BPI Security to utilize the PSD operator in a more professional, business, corporate and clean look while at the same time the ability to execute the more offensive posture of PSD procedures when necessary.

1st Prong: THE HELIX allows corporate officers to travel and visit these dangerous environments and do their business without the footprint of an overt aggressive protection team.  This kind of aggressive and overt presence actually assists in target selection.  We essentially fill the vacuum created by having protection specialists that are able to effectively execute PSD protection while professionally blending in the business/corporate environment.

2nd Prong: THE HELIX will train these already highly trained operators in the science of corporate executive protection which is diametrically different in theory and implementation.  This re-tooling actually assists in blending the posture of the protection team to that of additional corporate personnel.  In doing this we solve the growing number of veterans that are coming back from PSD employment and put them back into work.  Many of the overseas security contractor providers are still training personnel to send in these high threat environments while contracts and that specific division of protection is reducing.  The availability of these qualified operators to “vet” and train for THE HELIX is still rising.

3rd Prong:  Business entities no longer have to look for the solution in feeling safe while traveling abroad.  Many of the seemingly safer countries for Americans to conduct business in the past are now saturated with elements of dangerous individuals seeking to do harm to them.  BPI Security has once again filled that void and solved that problem.

HELIX Product Research & Development

A major issue in the industry is the highly competitive nature of vendors competing in development of apparel under the guise of “tactical”.  Every day most of us are receiving sales notifications of “X” vendor revealing the next high speed shirt, pant and shoe.  We have found that the biggest issue with this gear is …

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