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HELIX Product Research & Development

MaulA major issue in the industry is the highly competitive nature of vendors competing in development of apparel under the guise of “tactical”.  Every day most of us are receiving sales notifications of “X” vendor revealing the next high speed shirt, pant and shoe.  We have found that the biggest issue with this gear is that there is no REAL input from the Operator, Contractor or specialist who is actually doing the work.

A police officers needs are not the same as an operator down range and not the same as a security contractor executing movements in austere environments.  The HELIX has teamed with THE BRAND to develop what we know YOU need and eliminate you from having to purchase and wear gear designed for another platform.  Some of this product is already being tested downrange and in the REAL field where we are getting timely reviews and recommendations so that the end product is REAL WORLD TESTED.

Our relationship with “THE BRAND” is not a passive association but a solid RELATIONSHIP and PARTNERSHIP built over years of trust. That, coupled with our strategic relationships inside the aforementioned communities put The HELIX right where it needs to be – In the middle of the action.